#20: Stoffel Vandoorne

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#20: "Why would you even suggest that?"


You blinked for a few times just to be sure that it wasn't a dream and you were pretty alive. You sighed deep feeling the sweat dripping the uncovered mattress above you. This was crazy, like really crazy.

"You're okay?" Stoffel asks but you're not able to look into his intense eyes right now, not after what just happened between you two. So you just nod and it seems like it's enough to make him quite again.

You couldn't believe that you and your long time best friend just had sex. In your bed. And you two were now ehm covered by the soft sheets, but still naked underneath. You were feeling the need to laugh, laugh really loud but it wouldn't fix it. And you like it. You always wanted that, you always wanted that Stoffel for you. And seeing him dating other girls always annoyed you but you had to cover that because you were his best friend. The one who would dry his tears and take care of him whenever those idiots broke his heart. You were the one who would go to every Formula one weekend to support him and that shity engine he was racing with because that's what he liked, it made him happy and that was enough for you. But again this!?

You were still trying to replay how did you two ended up in that position. You surely didn't care because you were in love with Stoff but what about him? What was he thinking? He was so quite. Was he regretting? Was he feeling pitty? Was he mad? Ugh frustrating!

You lightly shake your head before trying to leave the bed when Stoff held your hand underneath the sheets.

"I thought you were sleeping. Where are you going?" you shake your head. He never changed, his warm touch gave you the same goosebumps since the beginning. And you finally can look into his eyes and find his confused gaze analyzing you and maybe trying to understand what were you thinking. Your breathing hitched in your throat, you hated when he was worried because he always looked lost, and maybe this time it was your fault and not the Honda Engine.

" This is... This is just confusing." You shake your head again unable to hold his gaze.

"What? What is confusing YN? Talk to me?" he sounds so calm, while you're having a desperate internal battle with your feelings and thoughts.

" This!" You gesture to you and him. "We're supposed to be best friends. Like brothers... -"

"Do you consider us as brothers?" he asks confused.

"No, no I didn't really mean to say that like that... It's just you. You always had your own thing and me? I was the one who was by your side supporting you through all the stages of your life. I was supposed to be your best friend but I failed." you cover your face with both hands feeling disappointed with yourself." Maybe we should just end this... - "

"Why would you even suggest that?" Stoff asks extremely shocked turning his body to your side so he could look better at you.

"Because I felt in love with you from the beginning Stoff. And to be honest I think it's too late to change my feelings for you." Stoff chuckles nervously which makes you more nervous.

"Why you never told me before?" he asks before holding your hand in his.

"Because I was your best friend." You say like it's obvious. "And you had a girlfriend."

"I had to find a girlfriend to try to forget you, because I always thought that it would be impossible to date you. I always wanted you." Stoffel nervously scratch the back of his neck clearly flustered. "I always had a crush on you, but... It was you... The most beautiful girl in the world. I never thought I'd have a chance with you. Besides, you always kinda friend-zoned me so..."

"No I didn't." You furrowed your eyebrows clearly confused.

"Yes you did!" he shots back not looking at you.

"No I didn't." You sound a bit more harsh but it only causes Stoffel to laugh adorably at you.

"You look so adorable when you're mad. I would hit you with 'come be adorable on my bed' but we're already in one so..." He winks getting closer to you.

"Just wait.. Stoffel!" You stop by touching his shirtless torso. "What is this... And what are we?" his grin fades a bit, and it's replaced by the most adorable smile he's ever shown you.

" You know... "He starts." We could go in dates, and try new things... "

" Are you asking me out or you're asking me to be your girlfriend? " A soft grin curls in your lips when you see how the question made Stoffel flustered.

" You do like me, don't you? " He straddle so you can sit on his lap.

" Very very much... " he smiles when you wrap your arms around his neck softly brushing some strands of his short soft hair from his face.

" I like you too, very very much... " His plumb lips meet yours.

"I think we did this kinda wrong." You say looking at you two covered in sheets.

"You were too desperate to have me on your bed, we just realized it today." He almost whispers giving your neck open mouth kisses.

"Yes, says the person who can't keep his hands from myself."

"And you like it..." He says cocky smiling coyly and sexy at you.

"Very much." you say kissing him but at the same time trying to get off the bed. "But now, let's go I'm too hungry."

"Can't we just stay here for a bit or for the rest of the eternity? It's so comfy."

"Say that for yourself, I need food!"

"Ugh sorry I forgot that you're a dinosaur when you're hungry." he grins shaking his head but then realizes the mistake he made.

"Excuse me? Did you just called me fat?" You ask unbelievably.

"Princess, Dinosaurs were extra fit, I swear." he whispers apologetically making you chuckle.

"You're not touching this Dinosaur anymore."

"Princess come on, we're dating for what? 2 minutes and you already want to punish me?"

"Are you dating a dinosaur?" You ask wearing his shirt and a pair of underwear.

"The most beautiful dinosaur in the world." he answers back not holding his laugh anymore.

"Screw you" You say trying not to laugh at him

"Baby come on..." He says whining. "I'm sorry!"

"Sorry My ass!" You answer leaving the room laughing at him while he kept following and screaming how beautiful you were. But deep down he knew you weren't mad at him at all. After all he was your precious now and finally Boyfriend. ❤️

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