First Date (Haru x reader)

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It means that is the end of the school and you were packing your stuff in your bag.

When you turn around, Haru was standing in front of you. He was looking at you.

Before you could talk, "(Y/N), let's go on a - our fisrt date. This saturday, at my house and come by 8 pm. Fisrt, we will have dinner and then we can have our movie night together" Haru say and left.

You were shocked and confused. Suddenly you hear a giggle from someone you know very well. When you turn your back, you saw Kou was giggling at you. "Looks like you have a date with Haruuu!!" Kou say, teasingly.

"Ooo.....wait.....WHAT?!?!?!" you ask. Kou just laugh and say, "How come you don't remember?!?! He just came to you and say you two will have your fisrt date at his house, this saturday and came at 8 pm and also, you two will have dinner and will watch a movie" Kou explain.

Your cheeks was turning into pink shades. Kou just laugh really loud. "Welp, you better get ready for this saturday" Kou say, smile cheecky and left.

~ Time Skip ~

It was saturday and the time was 7 pm. You take your towel and went to the bathroom to shower and get ready for your first date.


You wear a black pants with a long - shirt which was grey. Your mother help to make your hair wavy and put some lip balm on your lips.

 Your mother help to make your hair wavy and put some lip balm on your lips

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* Like this *

You look yourself at in front of your big mirror. You smile a bit because you remember the fisrt time your parents met Haru.

Let's flashback shall we?

Haru was walking you home because Haru say it is dangerous was to a girl like you to walk alone. You giggle and say, "Awww~ arigatou Haru" and gave him a peck on his cheek. Haru just blush and start walking fast. You just giggle.

When you guys arrived at your house, you two saw your mother was gardening. "Okasaa, tadaimasu!!" you say and hug your mother. As you two broke the hug, your mother look at Haru.

Haru just staring at your mother blankly. Suddenly, a car just park in front of your house. The car door open and reveal your father. "I'm- Who is this??" your father ask as soon as he saw Haru.

You just take a deep breath and say, "Okasaa, otousaa, this is Haruka Nanase ". "Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. (L/N)" Haru say as he bowed in front of your parents.

"So, what are you my daughter?" your father ask. You were about to answer it but Haru cut you. "I'm her boyfriend. We are now dating for 5 months and I assure you that we only hug each other and kiss each other and also, I've been gaving (Y/N) some swimming lessons".

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