Chapter 7

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Parents With A Past

A/N: This chapter is going to get pretty crazy. Just remember anything could happen. Thanks for supporting my story! I love you guys!

Lilly's POV:

'Livin' in a world gone plastic ,ba-'

I hit the alarm clock a woke up. I'm so tired. It was a long night. It was a wonderful night though! I managed to pull myself out of bed and take a shower. I know its Saturday and I shouldn't have to wake up to an alarm but today I do. I have to go with my mom to the agency to get my fingerprints and classified information into the system. After high school is over I will have to go on missions. That is why I need to get all my information in ,so it all gets processed by then.

I got dressed in very professional spy clothes since I'm signing into the spy agency!!! I wore at white button-down shirt and a tulip skirt. I added some 3 inch heels. I have to look at least a little risky. I ran downstairs for breakfast and my mom was waiting for me. "Eat on the way. We have to go now. You know how spies are with people being late." she smiled knowing how I feel right now. "Okay." I grabbed a cereal bar and a bottle of orange juice and we left. "How do we get there?" I asked really curious. She just smirked and said"You'll see."

We were driving on the highway when my mom took an exit to a small town. She then swerved off into a dirt road hidden by tree branches. "Computer lock screen, please." she said and a screen popped out infront of her. We were at a stop in ,what I thought was the middle of no where, but then after a few taps to the screen the floor sank into an incline downward. We went down the ramp and parked near the other cars. "Are we here?" I knew it was going to be a cool entrance so I wasn't freaked out by the ramp and all. "No. One more transportation method." My mother has a smirk that makes me think something awful is going to happen.

She opened a door out of the parking garage and we stopped at a very high tech door. There was another screen. This time she didn't touch the screen, the screen scanned our eyes! "Agent Williams and...... Unknown person." the computer said. "Relax they aren't going to bomb us or anything." I was very tensed and she obviously could see that. Then the screen turned into something like a Skype system. An operator was talking to us through the screen. "Who is the unknown, Agent Williams?" the operator sounded very professional. "My daughter. We have an appointment to get her information into the system." my mother said with ease. The operator typed on a computer and found the information he needed. "I see. Can you verify your birthday and city of birth please?" he said to me. I got a rush of courage "September 14, 1996 which makes me 17. Born in Atlanta , Gorgia." The door slid open and we walked in.

What I saw blew me away. "Your lucky. If you were a little older the questions would be much harder."my mother said reassuring me that this is going to be easier than I thought. "I wasn't worr- woah" than I stopped and I saw two capsules waiting for us. They kind of looked like rollercoasters but more high tech. "I know right. When you get in press 'Section 6'." she said and almost got in her capsule but then turned around and said "Oh and don't press the red button." well that was expected. We both got in and sped away at a very high speed and all of a sudden we were stopped. I got out and we went to a door. "Does this one have a code or screen or something too?" I asked. "No, Don't be rediculous." she said laughing.

My mom brought me to the information office. "I can't come in with you. You'll be okay. I love you." she said. "I love you too." and I went inside. Nothing interesting happened. I told them about my life and they had to know about my boyfriend apparently. Weird people here. When I was done I walked out and mom was sitting in a chair waiting for me...crying. "Mom, what's wrong?" I asked her sympathetically. "I will tell you when you get home. I can't explain right now." she said and I knew it was time to go.

We where now back in the car and we didn't talk most the way ,just a small conversation on how the information process went. Before I knew it we were home. Josh came out of the kitchen to greet us and ask how cool it was. "The transportation part was awesome but you know I can't tell you about that intill you see it in your junior year. " I said giggling. He hugged me and then my mom and I shot him the ' don't ask her about it' look. He went back into the kitchen and brought out some turkey sandwiches.

"I have to tell you guys something." my mom said. She looked sad now. "Your father.......he...isn't dead." I was shocked. "WHAT?!?!" my brother and I shouted in unison. "When can we see him?" my brother asked excitedly. "He isn't the same person anymore."she was heartbroken. "What do you mean? Why are you so sad?" I am so confused. "Its a long story. Your father and I went on a mission a year ago with two other agents. When he got in the car accident the other male agent pulled him out of the car and gave him a pill to look like he was dead but it only slowed his pulse down to 1 beat every 30 seconds. We couldn't drag him along with us. He was in a coma. The pill could have sped up his death or saved him. The agents we were against must have figured out that he was alive." she paused trying not to cry. "What does that have to do with him being a different person?" Josh asked and he tried to say it nicely but it came out intense. "We thought since we haven't heard from him he was dead, that the pill killed him instead of helped him. The enemy agents brain washed him into thinking bad was good and good was bad. They are trying to get him to kill us and the other agents we were working with and their family. As of now they haven't had success in getting him to want to kill us. He is a strong man and he can last a long time, but with enough brainwashing methods he will turn at some point." my mom finally gave into the tears and when I started to really think about it I started crying too. My brother held me in his embrace and tried to calm me.

"Where was this mission mom?" I asked. I don't even know why. "Fance but the enemy agents weren't French. We never found out what nationality they were." she said wiping her tears away and then she got up and went to her room. "Joshy?"


"Do you think they, you know the spy agency, will try to kill dad?" he let go of his tight hug a little and he looked down with a tear falling from his eye. "I don't know , Lilly" is all he said before he went to his room. And then it clicked. Jake's parents are wanted dead by people of their past. He is wanted dead as well. Could his parents been on that mission with my parents?


A/N: If this chapter was confusing I'm sorry. I tried to clarify and describe a much as possible so it wouldn't be. I hope you liked it!!!

*Do you think Jake knew about Lilly's parents?

*How do you think Lilly's mom is going to deal with this.



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