Change Of The Heart (2)

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Another day goes by and she hasn't woken up. I'm getting pretty edgy cause the doctors keep pestering us with pulling the plug on Tami and I hate it. I know that she'll wake up but no one else is patient enough.

The clicking of the door opens which startles me. I turn to the source and scowl. Ruby enters the room with a girl trailing behind. Must be the girlfriend. "What the hell are you doing here?" I say standing. The girl behind her looks at Tami so I stand in front of the bed.  "I'll say it again. What are you doing here?" I ask again, looking between the two. Ruby sighs and hands me a book. I raise a brow.

"Its a book. Read it. Please." Ruby pleaded. I scoffed and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Why should I? You broke Tami's heart. I guess this play toy over here is Victoria. Yeah I know your name. I know the whole fucking story." Victoria looks at the bed again, her eyes shadowed.

"We are sorry. I didn't mean to snap..." I cut her off when I slapped her. Victoria gasped as Rubys head snapped to the side.

"Bullshit. Leave now. Before I do something worse." Victoria grabbed Ruby and pulled themselves out of the hospital. I scoff and turn to Tami but my eyes land on the black book with pink writing. The three TRV. Slowly I pick the book up and trace my hand over the cover and open the it. Tami, Ruby and Victoria.

Opening it up there were photos of the three and some little titles about where they were and what they were doing. I sit down by Tami and smile at them. She looks so happy. Like really happy. "Hey this was your 16th birthday." I said out loud, looking at the sleeping Tami. They were beside a pool and Tami was wearing a birthday hat, Ruby handing off of her shoulder with Victoria sitting and laughing. I turned the page and almost laugh. Tami was dressed in a maids outfit, pouting. The other two were dressed as butlers. Man she looks so adorable yet so funny. This was her Halloween costume.

The next page was Victoria and Ruby kissing Tami's cheeks. Tami was at a party. I never imagined Tami at a party yet dressed for one. Wow and omg it's Taylor. She was holding Tami's hand. What the hell?

"Who are you?." I jump at the voice and see Tami smiling at me, her eyes wide open. The book dropped out of my hand and I gapped at her.


"Um that's me but I don't know you."

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