Back off [Karma Akabane]

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You're around 26 and Karma is 28.


Standing under the street lamp as you waited for somebody to appear. It was cold, you wrapped your puffer jacket around you tightly. Your beanie perched on your hat, keeping you warm.

It was winter and the weather was very cold. Tiny snowflakes begun falling swiftly from the clouds above, gliding in the cool wind.

"Glad you could make it," an unknown voice spoke from the shadows.

It was dark and you couldn't really see anybody, the street lamp was dimly lit. Suddenly, you felt a pair of hands snake around your waist. A head buried in your shoulder.

"I missed you a lot (y/n)."

"Me too." you breathed out.

You held his hand and walked towards the small bar that was open across the street. Opening the door you took a seat, the unknown figure sat across you.

You awkwardly sat there waiting for the waiter to take our orders, you ordered (random drink) and Karma didn't. You hadn't seen Karma in a long time, although you did have feelings for him the mood was very gloomy and perplexing.

Coughing, you cleared your throat, "I-I'm just going to go to the bathroom."

You stood up from your seat, only to be stopped by an unknown man. He was tall and had short ivy black hair, his black eyes gleamed with mystery. He was casually leaning against the wall looking over you.

"Awww, what's a sweet pretty woman doing out here in a bar all alone?" the male teased.

"Woah, watch your words there. Karma will get you, he's a real bitch." you smirked.

"Oh really?"

'If you wanna play a game with me, I'm up for it. Karma is going to so mad.' you thought. It was true Karma was a bitch but he was a good guy, in fact you were speaking literally.

"Oi, get off her she obviously doesn't like you." Karma shouted standing up and walking towards him.

"...And you are you?" the raven head laughed.

"I'm her ex-boyfriend." Karma smiled.

"Ex-boyfriend that means you mean nothing. So go away!"

"I use to be her ex-boyfriend, I'm her husband now." Karma sneered.

"Sir, it was nice to meet you but I have to go now," you grabbed Karma's hand walking out of the bar quickly. Your face was flushed and you were red and embarrassed.

"Karma what was that for?"

"I've been waiting to use this sentence for a very long time."



"I-I can't believe you did that!" you giggle.

"U-Uh huh.."

"Congrats you just got promoted again." You smile at him.

"To what?"

"A father of course silly." you replied giving him a hug.

"NANI?!" the male shrieked.



sister: shutup


sister: good luck with that *she doubts me*

mE: *runs to my room, points at poster* sEEEE LOOK AT MAH BEAUTIFUL OIKAWA HE COMEEEE TO MEEEEE >///<

- Kuuro

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