Chapter 8: Little Killer

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''Vipers is nice to meet you'' Taylor smirked as the look of fear flashed across the boys faces. ''Taylor, Daniel what are you doing here?'' Kieran stood in front of Hannah and I, shielding us from their view. 

''It's just business Kieran, do you have a moment?'' Daniel looked around the room, scanning all of the possible exits and blocking them with pieces of furniture.

''What business does the Queen of bitches and her royal pain in the behind have with Kieran and his gang'' I whispered to myself. ''No I don't have a moment to deal with you'' Kieran shifted his body so I could be seen.

Taylor's eyes scanned Kieran and the figure behind him, her face lighting up in excitement. ''Danny do you see what I see'' Taylor stared me dead in the eyes, waiting for my reaction.

''What do you see Tay?'' Daniel looked where Taylor was staring. His face flooded with confusion before he realised I was there. ''Ah the little bitch in the back'' Taylor nodded before smiling.

''Did he just call me a bitch'' Hannah pushed past Matt and pointed a finger at Daniel. ''Not you Blondie the other girl'' Taylor beckoned me forward.

''Ah so it is Little Ana'' Daniel looked at me approvingly, satisfied that he had recognised me. I stepped forward to be enveloped in Taylor's sent. 

''Taylor, Daniel how thrilled I am to see you'' I rolled my eyes. I hated them and their pig of a father. 

''Anastasia how do you know these people'' Beau looked alarmed and Kieran looked mad, ready to pounce and claim his kill. 

''We go far back, don't we Anna?'' Daniel grinned at me, the cracks in his facade starting to show. 

''Anna how is your brother and sister. I have heard many things about them'' Taylor challenged me to say something. 

''Oh their fine. How's your father, still 6 feet under I hope'' I smirked as their faces fell. 

''Oh he's doing fine after you put a bullet through his skull'' Daniel hissed out. Their father was a sensitive topic for them. 

''Did you hear Eric has been realised. We are happy for the boss to finally come home'' Taylor huffed out, annoyed with my last remark. 

''Heard it from the man himself. Although I am not happy about him to be home'' My breathing became erratic as I recounted the messages from the devil himself. 

''Anastasia get back here, what are they talking about?!?'' Hayden grabbed my arm and tried to push me back.

''Oh Anastasia they don't know'' Daniel look ecstatic about the news he was about to break. ''Know what Anna'' Hannah look at me, worry etched in the facial features. 

''Rule one'' Taylor backed off and Daniel began to pace. ''Pulling out that card was smart Anastasia'' Daniel stopped pacing and looked at his sister. ''Many secrets could be spilled but we both know what would happen if the boss found out'' 

''Goodbye Little Killer see you soon''  Taylor blew me a kiss and face a furious Kieran ''Business has been dealt with'' They both unblocked a walkway and made their way out of the house. 

''What in gods name was that'' 


Kieran paced around the room. All of us were cramped up in Alec's bedroom. After the Lauren siblings took their leave they decided that it would be safer if we had a talk. 

A talk with a gangleader is never good.

''So Anastasia what was that'' Matt raised an eyebrow and began munching on a cracker that he stole from the kitchen.

''Nothing, they are just old friends'' I shivered as a cold icy glare was thrown across the room.

The glare who could only belong to one person.

''Anastasia what they said had me thinking'' Kieran leaned down so he was eye level with me. My heart started to do this crazy rhythm in my chest. My breath started to quicken as he lent in closer. 

''What are you thinking Kieran'' Alec urged him to go on. ''Some words I heard from your conversation. That you had killed someone and that rule card you pulled out?'' Kieran stared into my eyes making me uncomfortable. 

''Look they are old friends, liars who manipulate people into think false things. I have been a victim and you can never believe those shitheads'' I looked up ''I called them old friends for a reason''

''Okay then who is Eric and why did they call him Boss?'' I freeze, not prepared for Beau's question.

''Eric is a dickhead'' My eyes flamed as I recalled him. 

''And he used to be a leader of a gang'' All of the boys shot up, clearly not prepared for my answer. 

''What gang?'' Hayden asks

''He is most commonly know to be the leader of the White Knives'' There faces lit up in recognition. 

The conversation was cut short by my phone. I reached into my back pocked and pulled out the shiny device. Holding it up to my ear I accepted the call.

''Well, baby I see you meet Taylor and Daniel'' Eric whispered into the receiver. 

''What the hell Eric, what do you want from me. Stop calling and messaging'' I pulled my hair out in frustration. 

''Baby, I didn't know that you replaced me with that skum Kieran Mandell'' Eric voice was quiet, to quiet for my liking.

''Replaced, we are friends dickhead, something that you will never understand'' I got ready to end the call before Eric said something.

''He doesn't just want to be friends Anastasia''

Holy guacamole.


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