Chapter 7: Party Till You Drop

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''Princess'' Kieran called out from the other side of the hall. ''Wait up'' Kieran and I's friendship had improved after we talked behind the school. He is not the arrogant bastard that I thought he was. 

''Yes'' I turned to face Kieran. Beau and Hayden walked up and did a manly handshake thing. I don't get boys obsession with it. 

''Princess I was wondering if you wanted to go to Alec's party with us'' Kieran finished his handshake with Hayden and then stood next to Beau. 

''Alec's holding a party and didn't invite me?'' I turned to see Hannah place her hand on my shoulder. ''I mean we are neighbors so it would we rude to not invite me'' Hannah smiled at the boys and gave me a hug. 

''So your the girl who's always dancing around on his back lawn'' Beau raised an eyebrow at Hannah as her face flamed red. ''His sister makes me do it'' Hannah tried to defend herself but the boys burst out laughing. 

''His sister right'' Hayden nodded his head ''Little Lila couldn't possibly force you to do something. She's 6'' Beau butted in wiping tears from his eyes. 

''Lila's a little devil'' Hannah rolled her eyes as Alec approached the circle in the hallway. 

''What's this about my devil of a sister'' Alec gave Kieran a man hug.

Seriously whats with all the man hugs?!?!

''Nothing. So I herd that your are hosting a party and didn't think to invite your friends friend or your neighbor'' Hannah weaseled her way between Hayden and Alec.

''Did you check your messages Nana?'' Alec smirked as Hannah's face fell. She grabbed her phone out of her pocket and the glow of the message lit up her face. 

''Now I have'' Hannah shrugged ''And I can come''. ''Bye boys'' Hannah grabbed my arm and pulled me down the hall. ''Bye'' I shouted out before we burst through the entrance doors. 


''So this is where you live'' I wondered in awe as I took in the appearance of Hannah's house. Large windows dotted the house and a balcony wrapped around the bottom floor. The house had old charm and looked like it held many memories. 

''It's beautiful'' Hannah smiled as she ascended the porch stairs. Unlocking the door we walked into the hallway. Photo frames lined the walls with many smiling faces, looking down on our tiny figures

''It may be small, but its home''Hannah dropped her bag at the door and slid of her shoes. Pulling her hair out of its ponytail Hannah walked down the hallway and into one of the many doorways in this house.

''You hungry?''Hannah began pulling ingredients out of the fridge to make a sandwich. ''Nah I'm good'' I hopped up onto one of the stools surrounding the kitchen bench and watch Hannah eat her sandwich. 

''Hannie are you home'' A voice called out as the door slammed shut. ''In here Harrison'' Hannah turned to the doorway of the kitchen.

''Anna this is my brother Harrison. Harrison this is my friend Anastasia'' My face reflected confusion as Harrison stuck out his hand.

''I didn't know you had a brother Hannah'' I shook Harrison's hand.

''And I didn't know you had friends Hannie'' Harrison chuckled at his own joke.

''He's not my real brother. My mother remarried a few years ago'' Harrison walked over to the pantry and pulled out a few different packets of cookies.

''You know Hannie people would like you more if you didn't spill their secrets to any random person that walks through the door'' Harrison walked out of the kitchen, his voice following him as he made his way up the stairs. 

''Anna if we want to look good for the party we need to start getting ready'' Hannah grabbed my arm and shoved me up the stairs.

''It's only 3'' I groaned. ''Only 3, ONLY 3?!? Anna we still need to do our makeup, hair get our outfits ready and don't forget about the details'' Hannah droned on about party details until I slapped my hand over her mouth. 

''Can you stop talking for a minute and get ready'' I chucked at her confused face. ''Hurry up''

The next couple of hours were filled with boredom  as we tried on outfit after outfit, hairstyle after hairstyle. Soon enough it was 7 o'clock and time to head to Alec's.

''Be back soon Harrison'' Hannah called out into the dark house. Expecting no reply she shut the door and began to venture across her front lawn to Alec's

''Let the fun begin'' 


''Ana, Nana nice to see you'' Alec gave me and Hannah a hug before facing his friends again. ''Beau, Hayden, Matt, Kieran'' I greeted all of the guys with a hug. ''Nice party Al'' Hannah winked at Alec.

''Thanks Nana'' Alec grabbed a drink of the table and chugged it. ''Now lets party'' The boys all erupted into hoots and cheers. 

''Not so fast Vipers'' A woman and a man appeared out of the shadows of the room. My eyes focused on the two dark figures. I reconsidered them instantly, Taylor and Daniel Lauren, The troublemaker kids.

This is going to be interesting. 


Ello Peeps!

Hope you enjoyed the chapter 

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