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Y/n's POV

The rest of the day was ok, I got to hang out with my friends and now I'm in my room, sitting down on my bed watching Netflix.

The only thing bothering me was that I needed to make a decision in less then three days.

It was harder then I thought, if I do leave imma have to tell my friends.

And I haven't asked my dad yet, I'm still not sure if he's going to agree to anything.

If it didn't make it any worse I kept hearing small noises coming upstairs but I didn't pay much attention to it a while ago but now it's getting annoying.

A little later I hear footsteps, what the fuck, dads working.

"Nick!" I call out, it has to be him.

I heard no reply so I got off bed, put on my slippers, and turned the lights on.

I opened the door and looked both ways of the hallway.....

no one,

the lights were out,

I went and looked down the stairs and saw no one.

What the, I went to Nick's room and saw him he was playing Xbox and both Scrappy and Scooby were sleeping on his bed together how cute.

"No no no don't go in there." Nick said,

"What?" I ask.

"Nothing." He was probably playing with some friends back in Cali.

"Hey have you heard any noises from downstairs?" I ask.

"Hold up." He said into....whatever that headphone thing is.

He paused the game and turned towards me.

"Huh?" He asked taking off his headphones.

"Have you been hearing weird noises coming from downstairs?" I ask.

"No, why?"

"Nothing I must be hearing things then, you can go back to playing." I turn around to leave.

Then what the hell was that, Scrappy and Scooby are sleeping.

I must be hearing things, I go downstairs to close the windows since it was getting dark out.

Once everything was closed I go back upstairs having a weird feeling in my stomach.

I have been feeling weird since I got back, but I guess I've always ignored it.

I opened my door and right before my eyes there he was,


Not him again

he got me by my neck taking my breath away.

He lift me up in the air making it very hard for me to breathe.

"Pe-nny." I gasped for air.

"Oh kitten, you've been very bad......what am I gonna do with you." He stroked my hair.

"I can't-." He dropped me, just like last time in the woods. I gasped for air, fuck that hurt my throat.

"I've given you a chance Y/n.....and you blew it!" He roared, I looked away.

"Look at me." I didn't listen.

"I said look at me!" He turned me to him.

"I did it the easy way, but looks like now I have to do it the hard way." He chuckled.

"What do you want, leave me alone you dick!" I yelled.

"Don't you dare disrespect me." He slapped me, that shit stung badly, I laid there frozen.....

he slapped me.

My long hair was covering my face, I didn't want to look at him right now.

I can't.

He's such a pig, how dare he put a hand on me like that.

"Your mine and you don't disrespect me." He said, it's like if he was asking for me to slap the shit out of him.

"Your such a dick." I laughed softly shaking my head lightly, I looked up at him.

I felt confident, like something got into me.

"Yours, ahhh." I sighed smiling.

"I never agreed to be yours in the first place, I'm nobody's." I looked at him straight in the eyes, he looked shocked.


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