Stage Three

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Dream (Tammy)

The guy tucks a bill in my hand winking

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The guy tucks a bill in my hand winking. "Can I get a room with you?"

"Sorry honey I don't do that just a bottle girl." I smiled turning.

I was in the business area today which is basically the classier part of the club. Mostly the business people or those who want to hide come back here unless they wanna put on a show then they go out to the main floor. As I'm walking out men and women slide me bills and just to be nice I'll kiss a few on the cheek.

"Dream girls day tomorrow? I wanna hit up this day party." Winter says walking with me linking our arms.

"Yeah sure I'm down. So guess what?"

Reaching the bar I walk behind it starting to wash a few cups.

"Bitch what?"

"Gabe finally met gabby face to face." She frowned. "Yeah I know now he claims he wants to be in her life."

"You gonna let him?"

"I don't know."

I want gabby to be able to know both her parents but Gabe is such a flip flop he changes his mind so often it's ridiculous. If he's gonna be involved he needs to give his daughter his 100% all. He can't come and get her just any random time.

"Well I say see how it goes for a couple months and if he fucks up put his ass on child support like you should've soon as she was born."

Everyone has been telling me this! I get it but I don't have the patience to deal with Gabe and his bull. Knowing how slimy he can be I already know if I do decide to take him to court things will not go smoothly.

"I just want gabby to have a care free happy life. I know what it's like growing up without a father yes I had uncles and what not but-" this topic is always touchy for me.

Yes I grew up without having my father in my life and yes I turned out pretty good. That's not how I want to raise my daughter I want better for her. My eyes tear up as I blow out my nose. Crying pisses me off to the max I've done it so much before it angers me now. Winter comes over pulling me to the back hugging me.

"I just want to give her the world and it's like.....I just....damn it man!"

"Calm done babygirl it's all right. You are an amazing mother no one can take that from you. You have always given your last and very first for that girl and if Gabe doesn't want to experience this gift of a child with you then his lost. I understand you want to give her everything including a family but don't be so desperate and give her a broken one."

Damn she's right. What's the point if I know Gabe and his ways our "family" wouldn't be anything less than terrible. I took sometime to touch up my face just getting myself together. There's nothing sexy about tears.

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