Chapter 14: Confusion

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Chapter 14: Confusion

Lisa's POV

No answer. He didn't gave me an answer that's why I just pouted. Jisoo unnie decided to cut it off cause it took Jungkook to answer.

"You can open your ears now" I said. Taehyung did and gave me a pout. "Why can't I hear it?"

"Oh because... Uh........ You're too handsome to hear what I said?" What I said turned out to be a question but he seemed to understand it.

He winked on me, making me blush.

"I know you're falling for me" He teased.

"Yah! Stop your delusions before I kick you" I escaped the realm of embarrassment.

"I was just teasing you" He pouted.

"Yah! Lovebirds. Stop flirting cause it's distracting us" Namjoon said.

We continued the game and the school ended with our memorable moment. And since Taehyung has a family dinner, he couldn't go out with me on photoshooting which upsetted me.

I asked the others but they wouldn't. Till Jennie unnie said something which made me unstoppably shock. "Just go with Jungkook. He doesn't have anything to do"

Before I could even argue, She already called him.

"Jungkook-ah. Come here"

"Nae Noona?"

"Go out with Lisa. She doesn't have someone to go with" Jungkook's face turned bitter. And I feel myself getting embarassed.


"No buts"

With that, the both of us walked to my car till I stopped him. "I'll just go by myself, I know you don't want to be with m--"

"Thank heavens" He cutted my sentence. He walked away but I stopped him.

"Why do you hate me?"

"Can you take your hand off my arm" I did and asked again.


"I don't need to explain. I just don't like you. Nothing less"

He walked away leaving me broken hearted. I cried with all my heart and called the SkyShoot Company that I can't go there. I feel bad.

"Yeah. Maybe next time" I said with a sad tone and ended the call.

I drove to the park and sat on the swings. I sadly mumbled things.

"You look like a freak

He hates you.

He will never like you

Why are you like that?

You already know he's never gonna love you—

Great. Now the Rain loves you and not him" It started raining but I stayed and gripped tightly to the rope. I leaned my head on the rope and started to swing harder.

I'm gonna make sure that these emotions will fade.

And when it did, I went back to my car not caring if I was wet.

Sang-mi and Samuel already home and good thing that I don't need to worry.

I'll confess to Jungkook tomorrow and if he's gonna reject me, I'll change.

As I got home, I immediately went to my room and did something important. I'm afraid my siblings will worry......

But still. I should care for my feelings too.

I went to sleep when I changed my clothes.

I'm gonna change.

Was this the shortest chapter that I made? Well if it is, Mianhae. I don't have an idea for this chap.

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