Leonis, 1:12, 2:14 - Roach Hotel - Jungle (K)Not

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Two days of nerve wracking debate and in-fighting amongst the mutineers as to who would become Kate's husband intermixed with conversations about how they would deal with the HMAV Bounty, still floating out in the harbor, seemed to be coming to a close with both decisions falling to Fletcher. Ultimately, it appeared as if he would be taking on another wife much to the chagrin of the other, very angry, very frustrated men with no wives at all. His current wife, Maimiti, may not have been vocal with her displeasure regarding the arrangement, but the way she cut her eyes at Kate during the shouting sessions about the captive woman left no question as to her internal feelings.

Considering she had nothing left to barter with, Kate, in an attempt to save Cameron and Gerald, began batting her eyes at Fletcher when he was near, attempting to use the only thing left at her disposal in this situation. Every time the discussions would turn to talk of murder, she would call him over and beg for the men's lives then speak suggestively of what would transpire after they were married, if he would only free them both. Fletcher was not interested in any more perceived competition, much less any outsiders, who at this point were nothing more than extra mouths to feed,  so, he summarily declined Kate's requests, but unfortunately not her suggestions on their wedding night activities. Those he appeared to approve of, immensely. Now, with night coming, and all verdicts apparently handed down, the trio that originally hailed from another time and another world would meet their ending in this one. Well, two of them would...tonight, after the crew dealt with the HMAV Bounty.


From her vantage point on the hill, Kate observed the barely visible, tiny mutineers with keen interest. Especially since, she had nothing else to do but wait for the inevitable arrival of her new, erm, husband. Every time Kate thought of the filthy man placing any part of his body on any part of hers, she felt like vomiting. Shaking off the awful thought and accompanying sensation, Kate pulled at her restraints one final time...just in case. The failure of the action produced an inaudible curse and Kate hung her head in surrender. It was no use, her fate was sealed and just like the ropes around her wrists, proved inescapable. Kate knew, whether she wanted it to or not, her bleak new future was coming.

Kate lifted her eyes as she heard the echoing shouts of several men down on the beach. The busy crew of gruff seamen almost looked like meandering fireflies gliding back and forth as they carried their torches along the edge of the jungle. "Fireflies," she thought, "if only." Kate sighed and did a mental comparison to the previous evening. There seemed to be a greater amount of activity along the shore with everyone on the island involved in whatever was going on. Kate assumed that they must have been gearing up to unload the last of the supplies from the ship.

"Hey, get off..." Without warning, she felt a small hand wrap itself over her mouth. Kate struggled in opposition to its grip.

"Quiet," a woman whispered. "And stop fighting, or I will kill ye!"

One wide-eyed Kate witnessed the silvery blade of a knife appear from the darkness. She calmed herself under its glimmering presence. The metallic object then retreated into the shadows and Kate felt a rhythmic movement between her wrists.

Kate turned her head to the left. She could see that Cameron and Gerald were alert and very aware of the activity, even though, she imagined, they were most likely dehydrated and growing weaker by the minute. Kate had noticed their white, dry lips and sunburnt skin earlier in the day and begged for someone to provide the two men with water...none was given.

Once more, Kate attempted to peer over her left shoulder at her savior. "Thank you," she whispered.

"I am not doing this for you."

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