AN; Honestly last chapter when PJ was talking to Fresh about how you can only react to everything is your choice, that was personaly my thoughts and ai just wanted to switch things up. Cause i thought it would be cool if instead of a depressed PJ and encouraging Fresh fanfic why not not surprise you guys and gals with another plot twist? Anyway I hope you enjoyed so far!

Ch.45 Its a start

"...Well?" PJ asked as I was at a loss for words at the moment.

"...I'm going to move on...its just harder than I thought." I explained with a sigh.

"...I think you can do it." He stated quietly as I blushed a little.

Glob dang it! Why does he have to be handsomely cute!?

"...What are we?" I asked confused as PJ was taken a back by the question, he looked away.

"...I don't  know really." He mumbled as I looked down at my hands on my lap.

'It's a start I guess...' I thought as I looked toward him.

"Can...Can we be friends...? I understand if you don't w-"

"Ha, I thought we already were. I would like that, but I'm still going to call you a nerd." He said with joy as I playfully glared.

'Gee, he had to point that out...' I thought fighting back a blush.

"W-What ever!" I said my face turning blue at the fact I stuttered.

"...Okay what was that?" He asked in a playful tone as I felt like dying in a hole of shame.

"Are you blus-"

"NO!" I yelped at him as he smirked.

"I'll take that as a yes...nerd." He laughed as I pouted frowning at him the best I could.

"...Your a jerk." I stated.


"...Your a jerk." He pouted but I couldn't help but laugh.

' I wish I was your jerk.' I thought as my laughter died down, of course I had to hide the fact I'm embarassed by my thoughts though.

The truth is I may have a tiny crush on Fresh, and I'm not exactly sure why but i have to face the facts.

I'm a jock, he's a nerd. I was a jerk to him at the start of the year, he was a sassy nerd. Even if he did like me it wouldn't last long, he'll be uncomfortable with the crowd I'm  damned to be in. The only people I'm  sure in the 'supeir squad' that will accept us completely is Undyne and Finiax and... can I even count Savage?

Everyone else will probably just tear us apart, or worse...break him.

He doesn't  even like me like that though, besides I can't  just get ahead of myself.

For all I know this could just be a fling, or maybe my hormones are just acting up; I can't  take the risk of hurting him more...

We sat in silence enjoying the small breezes the wind carried.

"PJ?" Fresh mumbled catching my attention.

"Yeah?" I asked watching him as he was obviously mentally debating over something.

"...Do you like someone?" He asked as i felt my soul sink in my chest.

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