The Beginnings. Part 1

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Nitch's POV...

We may look the same with certain features. But our coloring is very different. 

Dad met our mother when he was travelling across America in his late teens. After a whirlwind romance, they were married. Dad stayed in America trying to make their marriage work for quite a while. Nine months later, my sister and I were born. Sadly, their marriage didn't work out. 

Mumma went back to her family and with a hard made decision between them both, Vanna went with mumma because she looked more like her and I went with our dad back to Australia.

We were not quite seven months old at the time.

Vanna took after our mother with her African-American heritage and her darker coloring. I, on the other hand, took after my father being a seventh generation Australian with his fair looks and reddish sandy colored hair.

Both of us were tall like our father and slim in build. The shape of our eyes and the color of them were both the same. Like our dads. Maybe the shape of the jawline was similar, but that was about it. That was where our similarities ended. We were as different as chalk is from cheese.

So, it wasn't any wonder that we clashed a couple of times on those visits that we were made to have with each other growing up. Don't get me wrong. We were just like any other siblings growing up. We were close to each other. But there were times we both wanted to throttle each other as well.

She didn't much care for our Australian outback. It was too hot or too dry or too dirty. Or it was too red and got into all of her clothes. We did warn her not to bring anything white or cream colored with her. It will get destroyed by the red dirt we have over here. It gets into everything.

Vanna was going to be a model by the look of it when she turned sixteen. So we weren't surprised when she was offered a contract by the time her seventeenth birthday had come along. Her tall dark looks and thick wiry hair seemed to draw all the attention she needed to get the contracts as modelling provides.

She was good and she knew it. We all did. We knew she was going to be world class. That was a no brainer now she is becoming well known. I was very proud of her achievements. They gave her a professional name to use. We both laughed when we heard it. To the world, she was known as Silver. Not many people knew that he actual name was Silvannah. We usually call her Silver anyway. When we weren't calling her Vanna.

As for me, I developed a love for the outback country I grew up on. That was where my heart drew me to. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. Being a apart of the country and having it in your blood was something very special. Not everyone got an opportunity to live the life I do.

But in saying that. There were a few places in America I have visited with my family that I could easily adapt to living. Nevada, Texas and Arizona being a few. They reminded me of our country. But in a paler kind of way.

My name is Tawnisha 'Nitch' Ashworth and I am a bi-racial twin with my sister Silvannah. Life, for the most, wasn't too bad for either of us. We had fun with people who didn't know us or knew that we were twins.

It was one of those situations where some didn't know us that caused a few problems for us. Especially when the someone in question didn't know about it. Vanna didn't tell him and I didn't know.

I didn't know that the man I hadn't known I slept with on my last visit there to America was the man my sister had chosen for her own without saying anything to anyone. Just her, mother and Grant knew what Vanna wanted. Which was usually what she got. But by this time, we had been clashing so much that we hardly spent any time with each other now that she has established herself into the modelling industry like she has.

 On the latest visit I made over there, I usually spent time with our brother instead. He's a great kids is my brother, Graydon. But it was at our twentieth birthday celebrations that things went permanently down hill like they did. There was so much more involved bit it caused a rift  between us that took years to heal. 

But I never forgot that man. Or how he made me feel. What I did forget was the night everything went to hell. All because of our drinks getting spiked like they had been. We were some of the lucky ones when others hadn't been. But I never forgot him.

Cimmerian Black. The one they all called Rain. The father of my sons.

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