Chapter 24- Perfect Strangers

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Quote of the day: "Be the person you want to attract".

-Manhattan, New York

Avelyn Perez

-Elliot Incorporate

"Good morning, Avelyn. Welcome back!" I looked up to see Damian's secretary beaming at me.

"Thank you...good morning, dear. Is Ian in the office?" I asked whilst signing my name on the digital pad.

"Yes but he doesn't want to be disturbed".

I looked up and smiled, "Can you tell him I'd like a meeting, please?"

"I will", she smiled and went back to typing up a storm. I went into my office and opened up my email.

I saw the contract regarding Mr Ramsey's offer to decorate the interior of their new firm. Amongst the others, one caught my attention. Setting down my handbag, I sat down and opened the email.

Standard Bank of America

Avelyn Perez

Sam Worthington Apartment

17 Frederick Street


Dear Miss,

Reg: Cheque Deposit

Ref: Account NO. 4672005

This is in context of the cheque deposit made on 29th November 2017. The total amount deposited is seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars by an anonymous donor.

On behalf of the bank, I, Robert Duncan, manager of Standard Bank of America, would like to inform you of the changes made to your account.


Robert Duncan

Manager of Standard Bank of America

I read the letter twice to ensure I wasn't going insane or seeing incorrectly. An anonymous person donated three-quarters of a million in my account.

"This has to be a joke. Could this be one of those insane criminal transactions? Am I- "

The door to my office opens and in walks the boss, Damian Elliot Arcote. The black crisp shirt clung to his God-like body...a few buttons opened at the top. The shirt was tucked neatly into the crisp black trousers and lastly, his classic black shoes.

I took in his hair, he needed a haircut as there were strands falling upon the mid of his forehead and he seemed to be fresh from a bath. By the looks of the wet strands, tousled carelessly yet gave off that neat look. I swallowed involuntarily and regarded his posture.

Holding in one of his hand, his phone and in the other a file. He takes the seat opposite my desk all the while, not baring me a glimpse.

"Good morning- "

"I emailed you the sketches for the project I was speaking off at the ball, did you take a look at it?"

He rudely interrupted and asked nonchalantly whilst flipping through the file he brought.

"I didn't as yet", I replied subtly.

Damian looks up from the papers and eyes me coldly. "What are you waiting for? I don't pay you to play the fool, Avelyn Perez". My name came out gritted and he looked away angrily.

"Damian- "

"Mr Elliot", he corrected.

"What?" I was confused as to why he was behaving this way. I knew we had to speak about Germany but I wasn't expecting him to react this way.

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