twice a month

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if your fickle brain is progressing microscopically towards decay, then it's for you.

• • •

i wish for a life that parallels my dreams i never have but i beg my brain to have a sublime version of it. visions that blend into the bleeding violet skies and i want to gobble down the clouds. mellifluous piano piece melodies playing but right now they all feel the same. think about your median temporal lobe and scrapescapescrape it to relive the same old memories till you make newer ones. try to cross the boundary of consciousness that blankets your perception of reality -- which could be a simulation. your ridicules are being rendered unworthy.

nwind your insides and then maybe you'll realise that beauty is only skin deep, we're all just elemental compositions.

mental floss, twice a month to get rid of the filth that collects within the folds of your brain, the crevices where light only goes in and water only leaks out.

• • •

even if no one is ever going to copy this shit, please don't plagiarize !! that's petty.

y'all im back with an another book with inconsistent updates but i kind of feel like writing on here (at times) !! enjoy and stay hydrated

much love,

( cover by my boo inejghafa )

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