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I woke up feeling nauseous and with a massive headache, and then I realised that I wasn't in my room but was is Sashas . I got up and headed straight to the bathroom and vomited my guts out   .Coughing  I rested my head on the wall beside me letting the cool solid thing relax me .

Thats when I heard a throat being cleared I opened one eye to see Ezra smirking down on me .
" what let it all out while I'm listening " I began .

" well you look awful "

" ha you don't say . I just vomited my insides " 

" I heard "

I tried to get up but I stumbled and started to fall when Ezras large hands warped around me and lifted me up in a bride style catching me off guard.
" wha-"

" you clearly can't walk on you own without falling 10 times so shut up "

Okay grumpy

Ezra landed me slowly on the bed and handed me an aspirin with water for the headache.

" where's you sister ?" I asked

" with your baby sister "

" huh ? "

"She's down stairs with Lina , your dad dropped her off "

I made an O expression on my face and nodded while swallowing the aspirin and handed the cup back to Ezra . He didn't take it immediately but he was just staring at me .

" why are you staring at me " I asked annoyed.

" you are breathtaking " he whispered leaning in and I automatically backed away a little .

" you just said that I was a mes- "
He cut me off by smashing his face into mine and connected our lips together making me gasp and pull away .

"What the hel-"

" Im sorry " he said

" No stupid I smell and taste like vomit and you still kiss me !!"

His eyes grew wide and then he started laughing making my heart sink ..

Wow , he is sooo cute
My inner self said and made me blush thats when I stood up and pulled him up with me and made him take his shirt off letting him look at me with a confused look then I led him to the door and said " that kiss was nothing and Im going to wear this" and closed the door on his face .

My heart was beating like crazy when I realised that he just KISSED me , I jumped from happines..
wait what...

I stopped jumping and pushed those happy thoughts out of my head in the end he was a guy and all guys were the same ..

I blinked back the unfortunate memories of the past and walked back to the bathroom to take a shower.

I wore Ezras shirt and walked out of the room and went down stairs to meet my lovely Lina playing with Sasha in the living room ..

" good morning sunshine " I said and kissed Linas head and high fived Sasha then settled down on the sofa

" your staying with me tonight Lena " I said to my baby sister making her grin

" yesss finally , now take me to your cake shop I'm hungry "

" okay Sasha you are coming too "

Sasha lent me  some clothes that were big for her to wear

Sasha lent me  some clothes that were big for her to wear

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