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April 8th

"Oh my shit..." I whisper seeing the notifications.

"Watch your goddamm language" Elliot jokes. I show her my screen and her jaws drops.

"Oh my shit..." She repeats me. I chuckle and take a screenshot before I open Instagram and accept his message, Elliot watching over my shoulder.

EltonCastee: Hey! I see your name in my notifications and want to thank you for being supportive! I will definatly check your channel out.

Ash-Tray-Lee: Holy crap! Yeah no problem, i hope you like my bullshit of content :^)

eltoncastee: Holy shit you have me and the roommates dying! You are fucking hilarious (sorry for my profanity)

Ash-Tray-Lee: Don't apologize for cussing, im as bad as a fucking sailor.

Ash-Tray-Lee: Im ecstatic that you like my videos! You are a huge inspiration to me as a whole, even if you hear that a lot. But hey! Its the thought that counts.

EltonCastee: Lol, we all like your videos! Im glad to hear im inspiring you :D

EltonCastee: Hey, are you in LA at all?

Ash-Tray-Lee: sTALKER

Ash-Tray-Lee: But yeah, i live near LA, why?

EltonCastee: Wanna collab at some point? We have some cross-liking fans that would lose their shit I think.

Ash-Tray-Lee: Wow Castee. Dont even wanna meet me, gotta do it for the clickbait and views, i see how it is. Watch out DD! TFIL is coming for your brand.

EltonCastee: Obviously, i mean, clickbait goals

EltonCastee: But honestly i would love to meet you

-EltonCastee deleted a message-

Ash-Tray-Lee: ?

EltonCastee: Message to the wrong person, can I add the roommates?

Ash-Tray-Lee: Gopher it, i don't control y'all.

I look up from my phone and see Elliot, sleep high. That means she is so tired she is high.

"Ell, hun, did you sleep last night?" I ask, guiding her to the bed.

"Bitch, sleep is for the weak." She states simply.

"Ho, you have work tomorrow, go the fuck to sleep." She lays down and as soon as she does, knocks out.

I look back at my phone just in time to see Elton adding everyone.

-Im gonna shorten names-

Elton added Colby
Elton added Sam
Elton added Corey
Elton added Aaron

Colby: What's up brother?!

Ash: Excuse me did you just assume my gender Mr Brock?

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