I hate goodbyes....

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"Well from the tests it looks like Hannah is not a dallas, shes a grier." he said

"Wait. what?!?"

End of recap*


"Wait. what?!?" I said. He nodded and walked away. "How is this even possible." Nash said. Tears started to form. One slid down my cheek. Shawn wiped it away and kissed my cheek. "it's going to be okay." he said.

"No. No, shawn i-it's not. I have been with this family all my life and I find out I'm not even family. I'm some how part of my brothers best friends family. I just can't take this all in at once, I don't feel so good." I sad crying. I felt like I was going to puke. I got up and ran to the bathroom, and I was right I puked. A lot. someone grabbed my hair and pulled it out of my face. I looked up and it was Allysa. I got up and washed my mouth and my face. I turned around and Allysa was still there. I felt tears forming, I ran and hugged her. I cried into her shoulder. she rubbed my back and cooed "it's all going to be ok. I'm here for you no mater what happens."

I let go of her and we walked out. cameron was on the phone "yea.... you did?....sure." he said and handed me the phone. "h- hello?" I said

"Hey honey"



"Did you know about this?" I said sniffling.

I heard he sign "yea.....i did."

"How could you?!" I yelled into the phone.

"Honey, I-"

"Don't honey me! I'm not your daughter! I'm Elizabeth's! I'm going home, packing and the leaving! I'm done with this bullshit!" I yelled and hung up. I gave cameron his phone. I turned around and shawn was there. I ran to him and hugged him. I started to cry.

Why am I crying? oh yea because my whole life has been a fake. Fake family, brother and everything a fake! "I wanna leave." I said crying into his shoulder. "the doctor said we can. wanna now?" he asked. I nodded and let go. "Let's go" I said. we all got up and walked out. I got into the car and we were going home. My m- I mean 'mom' still wasn't home. we got to camerons house because I wasn't going to live there anymore. anyway i went up stairs and took a shower. I got out and put my hair In a side braid. I put on jeans and a tye die shirt. I put on black flats and walked down stairs. only cameron, nash, Taylor and shawn were there. "weres Allysa and matt?" I asked

"Allysa didn't feel good so matt took her home." Taylor said. "and love the shirt." he added. I smiled and walked to the door, the guys got a the message and came out to. my bags were all ready in there so I was fine. on our way I put on mascara. "Were are we going?" I asked. "my house. were going to talk to my- our mom and see what's going on and how it happend." nash said. I look'd down. I don't think I am ready. I can't just but in, in there life and screw it up. shawn grabbed my hand and kissed my forehead. I smiled and gave him a peck on the lips. soon the car went to a stop and we were at nashes house. I kissed shawn good bye and gave Taylor a hug. cameron got out of the car and gave me the tightest hug ever. "cam.... can't ..... breath" I said. he laughed and let go. "Hannah no matter what happens you can always call me or text me. you know I will be here for you on whatever your decision is. and you will always be my little sister." he said. I smiled and gave him one last hug. "I will see you all at magcon! love you!" I said and walked up to the porch were my bags and nash were.

"Ready?" he asked

No why would I be ready for something so big about to happen in my life. what if they don't like me? ugh! I pushed all the negative stuff aside and thought of positive things.

"As ready as I will ever be." I said and walked in to see my family. And there faces weren't so happy ether.

(( ok guys that k you for 4.2k! I love you guys so much! and if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here for you! I owe you one! 😘 I love you all!

And what do you think her new family will think if her?





Love ya!

- Hannah - 💖

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