Chapter 11 - Pranks & Problems

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The morning shined bright and full of promise for Brenna's first day of payback. She had filled Draco in the night before, and he was fully prepared to help. That morning a large group of Slytherin 7th years lingered outside the Great Hall, with Draco now giving a full description of Potter and Weasley's faces as the spells took effect. When the two had no choice but to walk past the group to enter the Great Hall, Brenna silently placed charms on each of them. Draco distracted the group for a few minutes longer so as not to draw attention before they moved into the Great Hall.

Already the charms had taken effect. Ron was not able to speak at a volume lower than a bellow while Harry was speaking of himself only in the third person. The hall rang with laughter, mostly at Ron, who wasn't aware of the volume at which he was speaking. Brenna and Draco laughed along just like all the other students. That afternoon in Transfiguration, the two kept finding that their wands were slipping out of their hands. McGonagall was furious with them, thinking they were being insubordinate.

In the mean time, Brenna noticed that she really did have a little pack of admirers. They followed her around at a respectful distance, which explained why she hadn't really noticed before. Brenna presumed they didn't want to deal with her brother should they do anything rash. That evening at dinner, a Gryffindor first year nervously walked over to the Slytherin table carrying a box of chocolates.

"These are for you." the girl said, handing Brenna the box.

"Who are they from?" Draco ordered, sneering at the little girl.

"Now now, Draco. There's no need to be mean to a first year. I'd really like to know who sent me this nice box of chocolates. If you whisper it in my ear, Draco won't be able to hear you." she said sweetly, leaning back.

"Harry Potter, but he said for me not to tell you it was him." the girl whispered. Brenna smiled.

"Thank you. I won't tell him I found out from you," she said kindly. "You'd better go back to your own House now. Thank you for bringing these over here."

As soon as the little one was gone, Brenna ripped the top off the box and cut a chocolate open. She recognized the odor of a Weasley brothers love potion. She chose a chocolate and made a big show of putting one in her mouth. She was careful not to bite down, and spit the whole chocolate out at the first opportunity.

About ten minutes later Brenna rose from the table and, being careful not to look anywhere but the Gryffindor table, sashayed her way across the hall. She tried to put on her most lustful expression. She strode up behind Harry and slowly ran her hand across his chest. The look of pure glee on Ron's face told her she'd guessed correctly about who she was supposed to be attracted to.

"Oh Harry Potter." she said, breathily, moving her head down until it was beside his head. "Was that the best you could come up with? Honestly, did you think I wouldn't check out the chocolates before I ate them or did you think I wouldn't recognize the scent of a Weasley love potion? Pathetic." she whispered roughly into his ear. She dropped the box of chocolates on the table in front of him and strutted away toward the chorus of raucous laughter from the Slytherin table.

For two weeks the battle raged between Brenna, Ron and Harry. Almost every day she was able to pull a prank on one or both of them. Not one time were they able to return a prank. It was getting worrisome though as the boys grew slowly more and more desperate to prank her. Brenna was relishing in her glory. Without the responsibility of whatever Harry's latest scheme was, she was able to have the best marks in her class and prank the boys without ever being caught.

One afternoon, Brenna was walking back to the Slytherin common room after classes. She had to go down a long flight of stone stairs into the dungeons. Little did she know that Harry and Ron had installed a trip wire right before the top of the stairs. She would trip over it and fall on the floor just before the stairwell. Draco, Crabbe, Goyle and a host of other Slytherins were a few yards behind her.

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