Chapter five

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Thursday morning... 

I opened my eyes before I remove the blanket over my head. I put on my fluffy slippers, walking to the dressing table. I sit on chair, staring at my hair, which are spread all over my face. I glance at the desk, everything is shattered. 

I turn my eyes slowly at my alarm and that is what! 12:25 Am! I am so late, I need to hurry up. I stand from the chair rapidly,  I open my closet and pick up white shirt, black jacket, blue jeans and pink bag. I take a bath, brush my teeth and make my hair dryer. 

 I rapidly made my hairs into a bun, before I put on my high black heels and run to living room. I rush to the dinning table, where mom is sitting. She is looking pretty, as she do always in a wrong bun, her half hair are opened. 

"Good morning." I say in a hurry way, putting my bags weight on the table for a while. I drink my coffee, which mom made for me. 

"Going somewhere, Taylor?" Mom asks while stirring spoon and examining my hurry way. She is very clever and intelligent. She works as a office manager, she handles mostly meetings.  

"I am going to Jason, he called me yesterday for having some discussion and I am late for it." I eat jam and bread in such a hurry. I turn around and make my way to the door, but mom stops me with her saying that: "My car is at service. Go by taxi." She takes my bag from table, walking and giving it to me.  

"Oh! Thanks, see ya!" I say while hugging mom, taking my bag. I come out from our suit and then, I start walking towards the elevator. The elevator closes and opens and finally, I came out from the building. 

Clouds have disappeared and sky is clear. Temperature is going lower and lower, its getting too much cold now a days. I caught a taxi before I turn on my mobile, putting my bag on my lap for a while. I take out my mobile from my bag and I am sending a message to Jason. 

'Am I late so much? -_-'  

After few minutes, I got reply.. 

'Yes, you are. We are waiting. Hurry up!' Replied by Jason.  

What does he mean by we? Is someone coming with him? Or one of his family members? Or anyone else. If someone was going to come then, why should he not  tell me? I think, he will be mistaken, be he?  

Lets see, who is coming..

The restaurant is in front of me. I give 1.5 $ to the taxi driver. I come out from taxi and enter the entrance door. I am in search of my friends, where they are sitting. There is a lot of crowd, people sitting and standing everywhere in the restaurant. English song(could this be love that I feel) is going on very loudly, but I like its music. 

'Jason, where are you?' I rotate my eyes everywhere, finding Jason. This is disgusted crowd! I am here to search them in this crowd! Searching someone is so difficult specially in one of the London restaurant. Search him Taylor, search! I stand tiptoe on my heals, again finding him and.. I found him! They are sitting at the corner of the restaurant and a girl is sitting next to her, who is she? Well, hands up Jason! You are captured now!  

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