A New Experience

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(To the side is roy's transmutation circle thats on his glove :D)


"Mom I can explain." I said, I felt defeated. 

"I know you can, but I don't want to hear it, you disappear and all I get is a box with your fathers' ashes. I don't care if it's not legal. I disown you." She said, sweetly. 

I sighed, that hit close to the heart. "Alright, can I stop by and pick up a few things?" Whatever the answer was, I was still going back. 

"Yes, just bring that general with you; I need to have a personal word with him." As she spoke the evil crept back into her tone. 

I felt the blood drain from my face, I spoke again weakly. "He's a Cornel, and you're not going to hurt him, he saved my life."  

"Whatever, I'll see you in a few days."  

"Don't hold your breath!" I screamed into the phone before she hung up. I shook my head and made my way back to the table. As I sat down, I noticed everyone was quiet and looking at me. I bowed my head in silent apology and began to eat again.  

After dinner, I decided to explore the house. I quickly found an alchemy haven. There we books lining the walls and filling up the space of the room. I walk along them, intrigued. I picked up a few and headed back to my room.  

I dived into one the books, it was simple, but the way it was written made an interesting point of view. Soon, I was finishing off the books like a burning match, yet on the last one I couldn't hold up and fell slowly to sleep.  

I awoke the next morning to a zapping noise, spilling the books that were on my lap to the floor. I shook my head, clearing it of haze. I looked around the room, books on the floor, a new outfit on the chair, goo- 

"ALL ALCHEMIST UP AND READY TO GO. MEET BY RIVER." I fell out of bed in shock as I looked up; a horn/speaker was coming from the ceiling. Amazing, I thought as I got changed and picked up the room, slipping the books under my bed. 

The attire I was forced to wear was black shorts and a long white shirt that I had to tuck in. I laughed to myself as I made my way to the bathroom. Shoes, I thought, I didn't bring any.  

I gazed into the mirror at a healthy looking stranger. My brown hair seemed healthy but still a bit pale, but my eyes where an electrifying green. I ignored my eyes; they didn't seem to be mine anymore. 

I made my way out of the house; everyone seemed to be outside already. My theory was proven when I stepped out the door and bumped into Mustang.  

"Thanks for keeping us waiting," He said dragging me towards the river. "We had to suffer though another one of Armstrong's fits!"  

I ignored the scolding, and went with the more innocent thing. "Hey Mustang," He turned his head towards me, raising an eyebrow. "Thanks." I said with a small smile as he turned forward again.  

He let go and I followed him at a slower pace, seeing the gang all by the river. I arrived shortly after Mustang, Edward started to speak. "Alright, today we're going to train. It's for the sake of not getting rusty, and seeing what this newbie can do." He gestured to me and I blushed on cue.  

He set up fighting partners, believe it or not, I was stuck with Al. Ed instructed us to start with hand to hand with no Alchemy. 

"Do you know any self-defense or offense?" Al asked me as we spread apart. 

"Just a little, but I'll do my best." He nodded then shot at me like a bullet. 

His first attack was to my neck, as a reflex, I ducked. As soon as I was down, his knee collided with my chin, sending me flying away, dazed and confused.  

"Hey are you ok?" He yelled approaching me. 

I nodded. "Yea, your just a speed demon, could have told me." I did my best to stand up, the pain was already subsiding.  

"This time, your offense." Al said, waiting for my first attack. I grinned, but decided against being evil. I faked a right hand punch, he fell for it, and I brought my left knee to his side. Noticing his grab was his on my hand, he flipped me over.  

I left out a defeated humph as he laughed lightly. 

"I need to learn more." I said as I got up. 

"You're good so far, you're just missing a few things from actual training." He said as Ed called attention again.  

"Alchemy this time guys! Don't kill each other, all call different partners and in ten minutes we stop." This time, instead of Mustang, Armstrong sat out. I was partnered with Edward.  

"You ready?" He said with a devils grin. 

I gulped loudly. "Nope." Either way, the spar began.  

Edward first transmuted his auto mail, coming at me with large swings, I jumped back at each. I clapped my hands and focused the electric current as his feet, making a hole in the ground where he was standing.  

"The hell? What was that?" I grinned and clapped again, sending another electric blue spark at him. I then transmuted my arm and met Edward head on.  

We went fighting with our blades for some time, transmuting here and there, but for a while, we were pretty even. Edward kept getting more and more angry; I knew he had been holding back. We clapped at the same time; I started to sink into the ground, my arms coming with me. 

Edward squatted down so we were face to face. "Gotcha." He said coolly. 

I stuck my tongue out at him. He fumed with anger as he used alchemy to throw me out of the hole into an unsuspecting Armstrong. I was more tired than I thought, I realized, getting off Armstrong, only to drop to my knees again. 

"I've never fought that hard. That was great!" My static charge was lower now, and the aura of challenge was still pumping in my blood.  


Mustang had to help me back to the house, seeing I was on the verge of fainting. He had small talk as I used his arm as a support.  

"You know, you fought well against them both." I could sense sarcasm so I just shrugged. "I mean it, you just need more practice." That reminded me of a few things. 

"Well, my mom said I can stop by her house to pick up a few things, but she wants you to come back for some reason. The maybe I can comebackwithyoutocentral." I said the end quick, but I know he caught it, but ignored it.  

"Alright, well be heading out tomorrow or the next day, we can stop in a town on the way back to get you some clothes and such." I just nodded, seeing we were entering the house. 

Everyone practical ran to the dining room, excited for today's dinner, stew.

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