What *REALLY* happened before and during the 4th sacrifice (The girl's POV)

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Hi, I'm the 4th princess that was sacrificed by the Rametep cult, and no you don't need to know my name. My parents were apparently members of the cult and wanted to impress their leader, so when I found out about their membership of the cult and wanted to tag along, they let me, I was stupid enough to not see through their intentions. I thought that I'd be coming home with them. 

It was an average snowy January day in London, I was playing with my twin sisters in the snow all day and when we came in for a hot cocoa break I found these weird straw like objects with engravings that looked Egyptian in their room because I needed something from there and I wanted to know why Mum and Papa had them. Then I heard my sisters call me and I went back to them and tried to keep the vision out of my head and to not look so worried.  They knew something was up once we got back outside as I wasn't laughing as enthusiastically when we got into a snowball fight. 

When our parents got home they had to leave right away and as they were finishing getting their outer Rametep robes on I stood in the doorway and asked where they were going and got into an argument which ended up in them letting me come with them, me not knowing that they were given the drug to knock me out that morning, when they went "to work."  

As we were walking to where-ever we were heading, I kept wondering... "What the hell is happening?!" I was so scared but put on a brave face to show the world that... Hell, no am I afraid.  

All of a sudden, my vision went black as if my Mum or Papa had blindfolded me and I felt this liquid go down my throat and I felt funny right away, but I could still hear what was going around and it just made me blackout (with my eyes open, crazy right?) and they took the blindfold off and walked me into the temple, presented me to their leader and he instructed them to take me to his sister and they prepared me for sacrifice as I heard the "Rametep" chant which creeped me out but I didn't want to be afraid, but how could I? I was drugged and kept hearing crazy things and couldn't do a thing. But what I didn't know is that there was a young trio who happened to be above me watching the sacrifice and a young boy tried to save me but didn't know that I was alive and was too late. 

Back to the sacrifice, I kept hearing the chant but according to what I saw in heaven when the girl of the trio was almost waxed like me was, that they wrapped me like a mummy and carried me to a sarcophagus and then the leader pulled the cords on the machine and the last thing I felt was the molten wax as I screamed in absolute pain and I happened to hear the boy's voice.

"Stop! She's alive!"

And that's how I died at the age of 17. As part of a cult sacrifice. I know what a horrible way to die. Not even as a martyr.  

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