I think Headmaster Crumpet is introducing the teachers. I'm not paying much attention because Pierce has also noticed Shelly. How could he not when she's gawking at him like a moray eel? And I don't think I've mentioned she's wearing a miniscule black "skirt" and a black leather bustier. Her golden-green hair is in a ponytail exposing her neck, like a vampire invitation. Her long legs are bare, and she's practically falling out of her top. Some girls are so desperate it's pathetic.

Applause punctuates the smoke-filled room as Crumpet introduces each teacher.

I have to warn Pierce about Shelly's predatory ways. Even an evil bloodsucking denizen of the night, doesn't deserve her. I wave my arm in front of Pierce's face to break the eye contact. He doesn't turn his head, but I can see his smirk. "Jealous, Waverly?" He whispers.

Maybe I won't help him.

"Neptune's Beard," Shelly thinks at me. "His chest! Those abs! Wow!" She's practically salivating. I'm so mad at myself for ripping his shirt.

I decide it's better to listen to Crumpet than Shelly, so I try to block her thoughts. This is when I hear Crumpet saying something about student cabins being completed right on schedule thanks to a generous donation from Brack Sharkweather. The room breaks into excited applause as Mr. Sharkweather, Shelly's father, strides in wearing black jeans, a cowboy hat and boots and a red plaid shirt, which is an obvious kiss-ass move. He makes his way toward the front shaking hands with people along the way like the politician he is, I mean was. He served on the Merfolk Council, but got kicked out for some hush-hush reason.

This is when it sinks in. West Marin Heights is a boarding school, and no one thought to mention this fact? " Boarding school? What in Hades?" I think at my dad, in my best indignant tone.

"If you paid attention, you would know." He's shaking his head and frowning. He doesn't say anything about my using an expletive because I've trained my parents to "choose their battles" with me. I find that if I make a big deal about enough things, they can't keep up the energy to fight on that scale. They're pretty old, and they've already raised fifteen teenagers; this is where I benefit from being the youngest. My siblings have eroded their resolve like water wearing away at the rocks.

"You're saying you told me it was a boarding school? Because I'm sure I would have heard that."

"Yes, Wave, I did."

"You're going to let me sleep in a cabin with vampires?" I look over at Pierce. Something is amusing him because he's smirking again. I really hate it when he does this, even if it does show off his dimples in a really adorable way. Luckily, Pierce can't hear my conversation with dad, because vampires are not telepathic.

Pierce laughs, and turns his head to look at me, his dark blue eyes sparkling with mischief. He shrugs. "I am full of surprises."

Despite the hot room, goose bumps prickle up my arms. He has more secrets? What in Hades do I know about vampires? I didn't know they could fly. I didn't know they wore plaid. I didn't know they liked poetry. So how do I know whether or not they're telepathic? Can he hear everything that crosses my mind or only the things I broadcast? I can't help running through every thought I've had since I met him-about his body, his kiss, Shelly. I pretty much want to die.

"It's only a temporary side effect because I tasted your blood, Waverly," he says, chewing on his bottom lip. This is probably how he knew my name. I'm beyond mad at myself. The only reason he tasted my blood was because I was dumb enough to perform CPR on a vampire. And then I had to go and pull my mouth away so fast that he snagged my lip.

"The vampires won't hurt you, Wave," Dad thinks at me. "Remember, they're trying to improve their reputation." My dad and Pierce exchange glances. Does my dad know Pierce, or is he giving him some kind of non-verbal warning about not snacking on his daughter? "And because I work here, I've managed to get you some great bunkmates."

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