Stench of Severance

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She stood beside me, still and quiet,

A heavy heart but emotions

Just out of sight;

The hidden thoughts I was yet Unaware,

And my face shone

As she turned towards my chair..

Happy to see her after a long absence,

That I failed to feel the fading smile,

And the stench of severance.

Aah! how could I not realize, it was the last smile

That I will carry, as I walk out alone for miles

With eyes so firm, she looked at me

And then the words she utter,

'I can't take it any further,

I will exchange rings with someone else in the altar.'

Things did go jittery before she left, things did falter

And she never gave another chance for them to alter

The reality dawned, my mind cried loud, But

Every single drop of tear

And every little word I swallowed

As tears are not for those, whose vows are hollow.

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