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No one's pov:

" Y/N ah ireona (wake up). We are going to be late for school." Jin, Y/N's brother, said while shaking you lightly.

You nodded at him as a response and walked to the bathroom to wash up.

Y/N's pov:

I put on my uniform and ran out of the room, and out of the house.

"What are you doing?" You asked Jin as you saw him leaning against his car.

" Waiting for you of course! Now let's quickly get to school." Jin said as he dragged you to the passenger seat and got in the car.

" Thanks." I thanked him.

"No problem is." Jin chirped while looking over to me.

No one's pov:

Finally, they reached school, you stepped out of the car while thanking Jin again.

" Go in first I'll catch up with you later," Jin told you.

You just nodded as a response.


"Hope this goes well for me..." You mumbled while stepping into the school.

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