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( chapter ten - true sight )


"will?" macy called out into the echoing school hallways, "will! will where are you?"

macy was so focused on trying to find will, her body collided into another as she turned the corner. she fell back, grunting in response.

"i'm so sorry sweetie," the woman said, "did you say you were looking f-for will?"

dustin helped macy stand up. macy dusted the dirt off of her butt and nodded at the worried looking woman.

"boys!" the woman seemed relieved.

"mrs. byers?" dustin asks.

will's mother's name was joyce. macy could tell joyce was worried for her son as much as she was for her friend. macy also knew will didn't deserve to go through this. nobody deserves to go through this alone.

"what's going on? where's will?" joyce asked the boy her son has been friends with for almost all of his life.

the doors flew open with a frantic lucas running, panting with his walky talky in his hand. "the field!"

lucas ran back outside after informing the group. joyce, macy, max, and dustin all chased after lucas in a rush to find will.

the group picked up their feet twice as fast to get to will. he was standing still like a frozen ice sculpture. but with real emotions being shown; real emotions of fear. even if his eyes were closed, macy could sense the feeling.

"will. i just found him like this!" mike called out, keeping his hand on will's shoulder. "i think he's having another episode!"

"he is," macy grabbed will's hand in her own. she felt the cold touch transfer from his body through hers. the hairs on her arms stood up and goosebumps began to form.

joyce watched as one of the random redhead girl she's never seen before touch her boy. the boy's mom could already tell how much she cared for him, but chose to push the thought away as worry flooded into her mind.

macy stepped back with max, letting joyce take over. joyce got ahold of will's arms and began shaking him, "will. will! sweetie, wake up. it's mom."

lucas, dustin, max, mike and macy all stood around watching the poor woman try to wake her son up from this episode. this episode was completely different.

in reality will was frozen. he couldn't move a single limb. eyes shut tightly, body unable to move from the ground he seemed to be glued on. in the upside down, he was choking. choking on the clouds that are traveling throughout his body.

joyce's hands were wrapped around her son's head, moving constantly around his shoulders to shake him. "will! can you hear me?" her voices cracks.

"will please, just wake up." joyce begged. she absolutely hated seeing her son in this state. what she hated even more was— she can't do anything to stop these episodes from occurring.

mike looked around at the group of friends, struggling to watch their friend like this.

lucas, dustin, mike and max all looked from will and to macy. her face was blank. emotionless. "come on, will. come on." macy whispered to herself, but everyone else could hear. "you can do this. be strong."

after countless times of joyce yelling at will to wake up, repeating that 'it's mom' over and over again, will's eyes bulged open.


joyce embraced her son in her arms, holding him close to her. she grabbed his hand and they walked silently into the school to grab will's things, and leave.

"okay, what just happened?" max questioned, holding her skateboard in her hand by her side.

the three boys and two girls trailed behind the byers, trying to keep their voices down. the group was headed towards the entrance of the school to leave.

"another episode." macy said sternly, "i don't know what happened this time. it was different."

"ya think." mike remarked sarcastically, crossing his arms over his chest.

the kids stayed standing in front of the entrance, watching joyce help will with getting in. their eyes watched their every movement before there were out of hearing range.

"that totally freaked me out," max began conversation, "did that not freak you guys out?"

lucas leaned on the pole next to him and sighed, "two episodes in two days."

"it's getting worse," mike cleared.

"you think it's true sight?" lucas asks, causing macy and max to look up at the boy.

macy chewed on her fingernails, which was a bad habit of hers. "what's true sight?"

the byers' car engine starts. mike looks over to lucas, sending him a 'don't say anything' look. lucas cleared his throat at the two curious redheads and shrugged them off. "it's nothing."


macy strolled down the road to get home. her cold hands stayed inside of her kangaroo pockets in front of her stomach, lips chapped in her own little world.

macy soon arrived home.

when she entered, she walked down the hallway and into her room. she heard the loud music that blasted from her brother's room, hearing small moans if she listened closely. she gagged and tried to cancel out those minor noises.

macy walked over her window to close it, her rooming getting colder minute by minute. she turns the mini heater that sat on her desk on.

her eyes wandered around her room, unsure of what to do next but wonder what happened with will. what did lucas and mike mean when they mentioned 'true sight'? macy doesn't recognize what it is, and desperately searches around her room for a certain book to help her.

she rummages through her school backpack and finds a mini dungeons and dragons: things you need to know book. macy grabs the book up from her bag and questions it. how did that get there? who put this inside of her bag?

she flipped the page slowly and landed on the table of contents. there were no table of contents that specifically read 'true sight', so she started skipping pages until she found it.

the big letters of true sight read on the left page. her eyes followed the words. a spell to see the world as it actually is.

"that makes no sense," macy asks, "what's that supposed to mean?"

she re-read the definition of this true sight over and over again. the more she read it, the more she got curious. she wondered why lucas had mentioned this to mike.

if the boys weren't going to tell her what's up, she'll try and figure it out herself.

"hey dustin, where does will live?" macy pressed the button on her own walky walky and asks.

dustin tells macy the address and she thanks him, bidding him a goodbye virtually. she knew he would be able to tell her his address with no questions asked.

half an hour later she ended up at the byers residence. the house was an average size for a normal family. or so she thought.

macy took a deep breath in, exhaling after. she stared at their door for a few moments, before her courage increases. she knocks three times.

the door opens moments later, revealing joyce. "hi ms. byers. can i come in?"

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