Past Blast

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I woke up a few hours later, sitting up and jumping down, I snuck along the wall of the house to sneak up on Mustang. I found him in a room that seemed to be the guest bedroom on the second level. Sneaking up behind him, I poked him roughly with my metal finger.

At the same time he screamed, I yelled 'HOLY CRAP! I'm walking!" I hadn't even realized I had until I saw my arm.

'That's not funny, you should be resting." Mustang said, trying to hide his own embarrassment.

"Yeah, but you know I'm not.' I said grinning, and then made my way out side. The sun was just setting, reflecting off a river at the base of the hill, so I made my way there, in pure bliss that I could walk again.

I set myself down a few feet away from the rushing water, watching the sun go down over the distant mountains. I lay back after awhile, inspecting my new arm. It functioned like a flesh one, but it wasn't. I couldn't feel when I touched something with it, which troubled me. I figured I'd get use to it after awhile.

Footsteps quietly approached, making me sit up straight and look behind me.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you, I have my reasons." Edward said, coming down to sit next to me. He showed no signs of continuing, so I did.

"We lived in the outskirts of Central.. just before the gates..." I told him quietly.


Dad woke me up by running in my room, telling me we were going to town today. I jumped out of bed happily, I could shove alchemy away today, we were going into town. A few minutes later, I was in front of the house with dad, waiting for mom so we could head into town.

On the way there, we took the more public route, it was a good business day, my dad told me as he slipped me a few yen and sent me to get come candy.

I was having the time of my life, even though I didn't like being alone, the thought of shopping gave me a drive. I had already bought some taffy when I ran into my mom at a fruit stand.

"There you are Vera! I can't believe your father left you on your own! You're going to stay by my side." Therefore, I did, quietly chewing on my taffy pieces.

Soon we met up with my father; he had suggested we take a short cut. My mom warned him that it had just rained. He disregarded as we walked along a cliff, made mostly of weak eroded rock.

We had just started down a steep hill when my father stopped with the cart we had brought with, and signaled to be quiet. Why, I asked mentally, robbers? Maybe the army? That's when I slipped, the edge had turned to weak mud from the rain. I quickly grabbed the edge, and did my best to draw a transmutation circle on the ground in front of me.

"You're going to use that witchcraft!? Come on you can pull yourself up!" My mom said harshly as I slammed my hand on the circle, willing the mud to make a block to lift me back up.

"That was amazing Vera!" My father said almost cheering. I nodded, interrupted by a rumbling coming from about us. "GET DOWN!" My dad said as rocks seemed to come tumbling from the heavens.

When it was over, I was unharmed, my mom had a small gash in her arm, and my father had deep gashes in numerous places. We took him back home in the cart, but he still didn't make it.


"That's when I started to actually focus on alchemy not just as a science, but as something different, a way of life." I said, shaking my head guiltily. "My mom blames me and my 'witchcraft', another reason I did it is because I wanted to prove to her it was something more..." I ended weakly, I hadn't thought about it in a while, and he wanted to know.