Past Blast

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I woke up a few hours later, sitting up and jumping down, I snuck along the wall of the house to sneak up on Mustang. I found him in a room that seemed to be the guest bedroom on the second level. Sneaking up behind him, I poked him roughly with my metal finger.

At the same time he screamed, I yelled 'HOLY CRAP! I'm walking!" I hadn't even realized I had until I saw my arm.

'That's not funny, you should be resting." Mustang said, trying to hide his own embarrassment.

"Yeah, but you know I'm not.' I said grinning, and then made my way out side. The sun was just setting, reflecting off a river at the base of the hill, so I made my way there, in pure bliss that I could walk again.

I set myself down a few feet away from the rushing water, watching the sun go down over the distant mountains. I lay back after awhile, inspecting my new arm. It functioned like a flesh one, but it wasn't. I couldn't feel when I touched something with it, which troubled me. I figured I'd get use to it after awhile.

Footsteps quietly approached, making me sit up straight and look behind me.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you, I have my reasons." Edward said, coming down to sit next to me. He showed no signs of continuing, so I did.

"We lived in the outskirts of Central.. just before the gates..." I told him quietly.


Dad woke me up by running in my room, telling me we were going to town today. I jumped out of bed happily, I could shove alchemy away today, we were going into town. A few minutes later, I was in front of the house with dad, waiting for mom so we could head into town.

On the way there, we took the more public route, it was a good business day, my dad told me as he slipped me a few yen and sent me to get come candy.

I was having the time of my life, even though I didn't like being alone, the thought of shopping gave me a drive. I had already bought some taffy when I ran into my mom at a fruit stand.

"There you are Vera! I can't believe your father left you on your own! You're going to stay by my side." Therefore, I did, quietly chewing on my taffy pieces.

Soon we met up with my father; he had suggested we take a short cut. My mom warned him that it had just rained. He disregarded as we walked along a cliff, made mostly of weak eroded rock.

We had just started down a steep hill when my father stopped with the cart we had brought with, and signaled to be quiet. Why, I asked mentally, robbers? Maybe the army? That's when I slipped, the edge had turned to weak mud from the rain. I quickly grabbed the edge, and did my best to draw a transmutation circle on the ground in front of me.

"You're going to use that witchcraft!? Come on you can pull yourself up!" My mom said harshly as I slammed my hand on the circle, willing the mud to make a block to lift me back up.

"That was amazing Vera!" My father said almost cheering. I nodded, interrupted by a rumbling coming from about us. "GET DOWN!" My dad said as rocks seemed to come tumbling from the heavens.

When it was over, I was unharmed, my mom had a small gash in her arm, and my father had deep gashes in numerous places. We took him back home in the cart, but he still didn't make it.


"That's when I started to actually focus on alchemy not just as a science, but as something different, a way of life." I said, shaking my head guiltily. "My mom blames me and my 'witchcraft', another reason I did it is because I wanted to prove to her it was something more..." I ended weakly, I hadn't thought about it in a while, and he wanted to know.

Edward was looking at me with an understanding gaze. "But it wasn't your fault; you were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. You understand that right?"

I nodded quietly. "I suppose."

Suddenly, he move closer to me and pulled off his blood red cloak, revealing his right arm. Then he slightly moved his left boot, revealing his left leg. They were both auto mail.

"You're not the only one Vera. There is what I paid when I brought my mom back. My brother, well, he lost something more." He said then looked at me challengingly. "Let me show you something you can do, it will help a lot, trust me."

Edward clapped his hands together, focusing his alchemic power, and ran his left hand over the metal of his right auto mail arm. The upper part of the arm turned into a sharp blade, but that's not the only thing I noticed.

"How'd you do that without a circle?" Giving him a bewildered look, his life must be a hell of a lot easier.

He sent me a confused look. "What do you mean, you don't know yet? You DID see the gate right?" I nodded. "That means you don't need a circle, you did see 'the truth' right?"


I stared at him for a few seconds before he slapped me back to reality, literally.

"Really?" I said, still not trusting him fully.

"Uhm, yeah try it with your arm." He said, pointing to my arm. Nodding I clapped my hands together and did the same as him, only opposite arms.

I watched on totally happiness as my auto-mail arm transformed into the blade on Eds' arm. "WOOO! I'm life just got soo much easier!" I said yelling as I thought how many possibilities opened up to me at that moment.

He smile and nodded his head back towards the house. "Time to go, see that light? 'Means we're getting late for dinner." He grabbed my arm, almost dragging me back up the hill and to the house.

When Edward opened the door we found a shirtless, sparkling, Major Armstrong awaiting us.

I silently hide behind Edwards five foot six stature while Armstrong began to speak.

"Why! Why do you make me wait? You're lucky we're patient or I would use this beautiful muscle to hunt you down myself!" He flexed on cue then disappeared in the house with Edward, while I slowly followed that to the kitchen.

I sat down in the place where I had last eaten the ramen. There was a plate of still-warm dumplings waiting for me. Everyone engaged in conversation, I kept quiet, eating silently. The phone rang a few minutes in and Winry excused herself.

"Cornel Mustang, it's for you!" She said from the other room. Mustang disappeared seconds later.

"VERA, COME HERE QUICK!" Mustang shouted in what seemed to be panic. As I came around the corner I heard him mutter a few words. "Yes ma'am, No I didn't... shes safe and sound... I don't think that's legal... ok here she is."

He handed me the phone looking as if he just saw a ghost, then when back to dinner.

"Hello?" I said weakly.

"What the hell happened?" It was dear old mother.

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