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"Have you told anyone?" Hopper queried, standing up straighter and eyeing her suspiciously. Stella held her hands up innocently, growing a little vexed at their persistence. "Stella, listen to me. What you saw, and what you've heard here right now, you can't repeat to anyone. You understand?"

"Oh yeah, cause no one's gonna think I'm crazy if I run outta here, yelling about a monster," Stella retorted sarcastically, staring at everyone in the room in disbelief. With a dramatic sigh, she inched towards the door and glanced back at Hopper. It was clear she had given up and wanted out, not in the mood for this unbelievable garbage they were trying to feed her. "Can I go now?"

"I thought you wanted to hear about this," he muttered, crossing his arms and narrowing his eyes at her. Stella resisted the urge to snap back and instead held her tongue; she was near breaking point and no one in her godforsaken town was making it any easier. Averting her eyes, she adjusted her cropped green sweater irritably. Hopper pointed his finger at her as if she were some type of child and he was her parent, which only riled her up even more. "If you leave and tell people about all this, your life is in danger."

"Good thing I'm gonna keep my mouth shut, then," she forced a smile, before opening the door and rushing out the police station without another word. No one called out after her, and she was glad. She barged past the officers and waved goodbye to Flo, not bothering to stop for conversation. She didn't know what she needed in that moment. She didn't have her walkman or her skates, so she'd be walking home.

Stalking down the pavement back towards the main street, Stella's insides were on fire. She didn't know whether she was angry, scared, tired or crazy -- maybe she was all at once. Her hand still felt a little stiff from when she had punched Tommy earlier, and her head was pounding from the lack of sleep she had gotten as well as all the stress she had face. She didn't even know what time of day it was, it had already felt like a lifetime.

As she strolled back into the centre of town, a realisation hit her and she groaned loudly, attracting a few stares from other townsfolk. Running a hand down her face, her shoulders slumped a little as she remembered that she had left Kevin and Leilani back in the diner. "Ugh, fuck."


By the time Stella had reached the diner, she was out of breath and utterly exhausted. Her hair seemed more of a mess than usual, she was getting cramps in her stomach and her headache had grown to the point where it was unbearable. She didn't know how she had made it through the past week, too much had happened for her to comprehend. Understandably so, she didn't think she could handle much more grief for the next few days.

Just as she turned to walk into the Indigo, she glanced over at the Hawk to see the writing once more, only to see something she never thought she'd lay her eyes on. The one and only Steve Harrington was perched upon a wooden ladder outside the cinema, scrubbing away at the bright red paint. Her eyebrows perked up a little bit in surprise, and she began having an internal debate regarding whether or not she had the patience to speak to him twice in a day. With a huff, the girl looked both ways before crossing the street, walking towards the boy who had caused her so much grief. "Wasn't expecting to see you back here."

Steve glanced down, huffing when he saw her standing below. He had removed his jacket and held a cloth in his hands pausing what he was doing. Stella was nothing short of astonished. The last thing she expected to see that day (something that topped hearing the police chief babble about a monster), was him cleaning up his mess, Tommy H., Carol and Nicole nowhere in sight. "What do you want, Indi-slamher Jones?"

"Okay, that one was the worst I think I've heard," Stella joked, and Steve scoffed, watching as the girl stepped forward and held the ladder in place for him. At the questioning look upon the boy's face, Stella shrugged. "What? Who the hell am I gonna give a hard time if you fall off?"

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