Part 58 - Skin as white as snow

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A week had gone past, and I had gotten better, my skin went back to pale white again, I never seemed to tan, even in the peak of the Georgia heat. The rosiness of my lips and cheeks flushed back into view and I had full control of my breathing again, though my ribs still hurt a little. Rick told me what had happened, I felt fully responsible for leaving him like that and vowed never to do that again.

I was out of isolation now, and I was loving it, I could go where I wanted, and I could see whoever I wanted without any fear of infecting them. I could go and stand out in the courtyard and soak in the suns beautiful heated rays and breath in the clean air which just smelt like summer and earthiness. After I had died, Rick was more wary about who I went out on runs with, I didn't mind, but sometimes I'd have to remind him that I could look after myself, which would shake him from his thoughts and then apologise. Our relationship was stronger then ever.

"Hershel's going out to find some supplies" Rick announced as our group surrounded him, "What supplies?" Daryl questioned with an increasing confused look creeping across his face. "Their herbal remedies, to help the sick... We're very low on medicine as it is." Hershel stated, making me feel uneasy, those meds were what got me better, if we don't have more medicine, more people might die. "I'll go, Hershel no offence but you cant defend yourself and find supplies " I said in the most respectful way I could. "I'm the only one here who knows where to get them and which part of the plants we need, and that's why I'm taking Michonne... she'll keep me safe" Hershel nodded his head towards Michonne. "I don't like this..." Maggie retorted "Yeah me neither... What if there was a herd? you wouldn't be able to get away" Glenn chimed, interlocking his hand with Maggie's as he did. "We'll just have to take that chance" he replied, hobbling away, I assume to prevent any arguments, Glenn and Maggie followed him out.

"Do you think he'll be alright?" I asked, my arms crossed, thinking about Hershel, Rick walked behind me and placed his hands on my arms and rubbed them, "Michonne's with him, hell be fine... C'mon, its time for dinner, and then I've got a surprise for you" I turned around, and looked into the deep blue ocean that was his eyes. "Oh? What's this surprise then?" I questioned, he smirked and shook his head. "Naw, you'll have to wait I'm afraid" I pouted and crossed my arms. With that we went down to dinner. What could the surprise be?


Dinner was nice, for the first time in long while, I felt relaxed and happy. I was surrounded by my family who would protect me and risk their lives as I would for them. "We got a real treat tonight" Carol said, carrying a large shallow tray. "Daryl did some extra huntin' today so we can have a nice feast... there ya go, some lovely deer" she continued with a big goofy smile creeping across her face. "Thanks Carol, Thank you Daryl" I said as everyone did the same, thanking the couple for providing us with this delicious food. "Tuck in" Carol replied, gesturing her hands towards the food. We did what we were told and tucked in.

After we had eaten our food it was time for bed, well not for me, I had watch soon, but for everyone else. We all got up and said good night, everyone began to leave; Rick and Daryl had a smirk across their faces. "Everyone, I think you should all go straight to your rooms, there's a lil something in there for all y'all" he demanded in a soft and welcoming tone. "So this surprise then?..." I questioned following trailing behind Rick before eventually catching up to him, causing me to jog to match his long strides. "You'll have to wait, you can see it in a minute" he replied, chucking as I crossed my arms and stuck my bottom lip out into a pout. "I gotta go on watch in half an hour" I stated which again, caused Rick to let out a chuckle. "That won't be a problem tonight, you're in the clear" he declared. What? What did that mean? I really did have watch in half an hour... I'm getting suspicious. Whilst caught up in my thoughts, I hadn't realised that Rick had turned around to face me, I face planted into his chest which sucked me back into reality. "Sorry" I apologised, making my face go bright red. Rick chuckled again "That's alright, c'mon so I can show you your surprise" he placed his hand into mine and walked me to my cell, what? My cell? What's so special about my cell? I glanced over the see a pinkish glow peeking out from the sheets I had put over the door to make a door. My view was obstructed by Rick's torso, I looked up as he covered my eyes "Is this really necessary?" I questioned, Rick, still with his hands on me chuckled for the third time "You're so impatient" he stated causing me to chuckle to. "Right, open them" I opened my eyes to see my cell, but it wasn't my cell, it didn't look like it anymore. There was light for starters, all along my bunk there were dainty fairy lights strung up. This was the pinkish glow I had seen from outside, and it was the most beautiful thing I had seen. A big pink fluffy rug had been placed on the cold, grey and dirty floor, obstructing the nasty view from sight and clean bed sheet had placed on my bunk and tucked in, it had a load of multi-coloured butterflies on it. It was just beautiful. "Rick, this is..." I was speechless; I didn't actually know what to say. Rick placed his hands on my shoulders "Do you like it?" he questioned, I could hear the sincerity in his voice. "Rick, I love it, it's perfect..." I frowned "How did you get the electricity?" he began to chuckle again "Daryl and I found a generator and hooked up all the lights from there, everyone's got a light now" he stated, I turned around and looked into his eyes. "Where did you get all this?" I questioned.

"Well, when Daryl and I went on that run last week we found a home store, we tried our luck but there were no supplies there, but we saw all of this stuff and we had a car, so we brought it all back for every one, though it would be nice to enjoy the little things" Rick stated, poi ying at various objects in my room as he told me how they had acquired the items. I was literally speechless, god I loved this beautiful, considerate man. "Well I'll leave you to it" Rick said, letting go of my shoulders and backing out of the cell. "Rick!" I expressed quickly, my heart and mind taking over, Rick stopped. "Don't go" I continued, Rick walked back inside and stood in front in me, he was about to talk but I lunged towards him, causing our lips to collide. Rick began to kiss back, with passion and lust, his hands began to explore my body, as did mine. He began to plant little wet kisses down my neck causing me to moan a little, I could feel him smiling between kisses. I began to undo his top button of his sheriff's uniform, and I began to walk backwards towards my bed, Rick did the same as he walled towards me undoing one button at a time. The backs of my legs were met but my bedframe as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Rick slowly lowered me down onto the bed, our lips never leaving the comfort of the others... this was going to be a fun night.

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