Chapter 11- You Need Jesus

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"Because something bigger than we ever imagined is going on. And it involves her screaming fit nightmares. Do you want to go check on them? It's been a couple of hours." I question, quickly dismissing the nightmare situation, she nods and smirks. "This should be interesting."

We walked across the street and once again rang her doorbell, a pregnant lady answered. I didn't know that another person lived with them. Interesting.

Maybe since her brother was able to let a girl in, she's letting us in. The whole situation is weird so I don't know. "Hello girls, Lydia and Brandon are upstairs so you can go right on up." She knew who we are so Lydia must have talked about us, besides she already had most likely seen me earlier but I didn't see her.

"If you don't mind me asking, I don't think I've heard Lydia talk about you. What is your name?" I question politely, she smiles. "I am Lorenzo's wife Haley, I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't mentioned me though because I just stay in the house all day basically but she's kept me up with the drama." She replies with a giggle, Blaire smiles.

"Are you team Nathan or team Brandon?" Blaire questions, Haley smiles widely. "Oh team Brandon all the way, if you go upstairs you'll see why." That automatically made me and Blaire smirk at each other and run upstairs.

I opened the door quickly only to be in awe. "I expected something dirty, but this is just adorable!" I whispered to Blaire excitedly, she nods in agreement. They are both asleep, but Lydia is wrapped in Brandon's arms and he is cuddling her like she is the most fragile thing on the planet.

"I have to get a picture of this." Blaire comments while snapping a picture on her phone. Then of course with me being the matchmaker I am, I had to wake them up. "Wakey Wakey lovebirds!"

They woke up so calmly and just smiled at each other before looking at us and jumping apart, Blaire and I couldn't help but laugh. "What happened in the past few hours?" I question, Brandon scratches the back of his head nervously, Lydia gets up. "I'll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom."

We waited until she left the room to ask Brandon what happened again, he started smiling like an idiot. Ugh I ship them so much.

"Well...she kind of freaked out and I didn't know what do so I kissed her as a spur of the moment thing and then we kinda acted all weird but we ended up watching a movie and I guess we fell asleep." 

"You kissed her?!" Blaire and I say excitedly in unison, he nods. "Don't make it a big deal-"

"Why? Because you like her?" I tease, he glares at me, I only just chuckle. "Come on B, we all know you like her. You haven't had any interest in being a better person until this year, just admit it. You're changing for her."

"I don't know what you're talking about. Dad wants us home for family night so I guess it's a good thing you woke me up anyways. I just have to say bye to Lydia first." Right on time, Lydia walked into the room with a smile.

Lydia's POV
"Everything okay?" I question, Piper and Brandon nod. "Yeah, dad wants Brandon and I back home for dinner. I'll see you tomorrow, I'll be back with more of your homework and you can fill me in on what happened here." Piper says with a wink, I roll her eyes as we hug. Then it was Brandon's turn. First he grabbed my hands and I felt a bolt of electricity go through my body.

That was weird.

"Remember what we talked about okay?" I nod in understanding, he gives me a hug and then kisses me on the forehead which I did not expect, but it left me smiling like an idiot. What is wrong with me?

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