Chapter 11- You Need Jesus

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Nathan's POV
I was already in a bad mood because of Brandon this morning, then I got home and had to run a bunch of errands for my siblings so that put me in an even worse mood, and now Piper showed up at my doorstep claiming "we need to talk". What could we possibly talk about.

"So what did you want to talk about?" I question while sitting on my couch, she chuckles. "You're not going to believe me when I say this but your friend Adrianna is alive."

I looked at her and started laughing. "Very funny. I told you, she's dead-"

"No. She's alive, and I know this because Adrianna is Lydia. You said you thought she was like Adrianna, that's because she is Aide. She told me the real reason she's here, ask your girlfriend she'll even tell you. That's the leverage she had on Lydia."

"I have to talk to her. Give me your phone, I'll call-"

"She doesn't have a phone-"

"Then I'll go by her house-"

"Brandon's still there-"

"Then what the fuck am I supposed to do Piper?! All these years I thought she was dead and now I find out she's actually alive!" I said cheerfully, she sighed. "Look, I know this is big for you but I don't think it's good you tell her. She's dealing with a lot right now and you did her dirty. You not only led her on but then you pawned her off to Brandon in exchange for leverage and then started dating her enemy who is using you to threaten her, that's cruel. And while you've been living it up with Grace a lot of shit happened and Brandon was truly there for her. You need to start getting your shit together if you know what you want, because you've already hurt all your friends. Don't do it again."

There was a tone of anger in her voice that petrified me. "I know I made mistakes, but I am willing to fix them-"

"No Nate. I told you that she was alive to give you closure, not so you can go and ruin everything again. If you want to be in her life then just be friends with her, nothing else. Don't fuck with her head." She walked off without another word which I'll admit really scared me. When Piper is mad at you, you need to do something extraordinary in order to get her to forgive you.

What have I gotten myself into.
Piper's POV
After a couple hours of leaving technology to go to my thinking spot, I texted Blaire and told her to come over because she is the only one who really can ever cheer me up.

"So what's the deal with Lydia and Brandon?" Blaire questions, I chuckle. "When I left she was crying in his arms, I haven't seen or heard from him in hours. They totally were getting it on."

"Piper! Don't think so low of Lydia, Brandon maybe but definitely not her. She's very closed in when it comes to her feelings and emotions, what makes you so sure she would let Brandon in?"

"Because he saved her life the other night at the party. She would've died if it weren't for him." Her eyes pretty much bugged out of her head, she never saw Brandon and I take Lydia out, I just texted her and Vince and told them to find a ride home because something came up.

"What?! What the hell happened?!" She asks frantically, I sigh. "My sisters sorority friend's boyfriend drugged her, Lydia was already on meds so it caused hallucinations and for her to pass out. Brandon carried her into the car while I did chest compressions because she stopped breathing at one point. She ended up having to get her stomach pumped. If he hadn't said fuck the ambulance, in driving her she would be dead. He saved her life."

"Oh my god. I had no idea, I thought one of you guys got sick or something." She says with a worried expression, I shake my head. "Don't blame yourself, there's no way you could have known. Please don't say anything to her, she made us promise we wouldn't tell anyone."

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