Dear Father

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I address this letter to my dear father

The complete unknown

I guess it's better that you just don't bother

All your truths will be left alone

I'm the daughter you can't hide

Pray for your life before you pray for mine

I'm just the forgotten child

The one you left behind

So many years have been ignored

You've been gone without a trace

I'm getting to knowing that

You're just a name without a face

A father without a son

Is like a bullet without a gun

But what about a father without his daughter?

I guess you can't spell manslaughter without laughter

You were mean to make it hurt

Make it all disappear into the dirt

All the things I had to go through

And it's all because of you

Do you feel any shame?

Because I feel a lot of pain

Take the time to take my breath

I will end where I began

If you're out there somewhere

I don't know if you care

It seems like you don't

So you remain the complete unknown

All we had, gone forever

Things that you said would never be

Living without you don't bother me

Yours truly,

Your daughter

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