Shackles of Love

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So many thoughts keep spinning around my head

The good, the bad and the unknown

This loneliness and this desolation

Is the equivalent of sitting in my head all alone

Sometimes I wish that you could just leave

Just leave and leave me alone

Other times I'd sew our souls together

All that is left of you now are the scars on my heart

I swear I will tear it all apart!

I carved your name into my arm

Promising you that I would never do you any harm

I carved your name into my soul

Promising you that I would never let you go

But you're the one that let go

You were the only good in me

Now living with myself is all I have.

Do you know what its like

To look at yourself, paralyzed?

This soul is just no good

So I can beg you to save me for all that I am.

Or beg you to save me for the fuck of it.

I know my life will end

But I won't give this life away again

You broke my trust, shattered my existence

So lift up my sleeves and see the pattern of my cuts

My flesh is all I have.

This life is not enough!

You can say that I'm so clever


I'm done with theses endeavours

I'm needing no one's help,

I'm needing only you

Sometimes I can still feel your presence

It still lingers here.

Some days I get so lonely

That the loneliness won't leave me alone

Sometimes it hurts so bad that I can't breathe

I can only tell myself that you still love me

But I don't believe my own lies

Like I believed yours

Don't you miss the way we were?

We promised one-another that we'd love each other forever

Forever didn't last very long

I guess that in the end it didn't really matter

It didn't even matter no matter how hard I tried

You slipped away, and I don't know why

Every time I try to live without you I feel dead

But I can't breathe when I'm with you

So what are we really doing here?

You hesitated

And now I wish that you would just go away

Just leave me here forever in the dark

Was this love just a waste of time?

I guess you'll never get to see my face again

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