Chapter 12.1: Lilia

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Five Years' Fair. The White City

The next night, Allison was in her suite with a young girl dressed in an extravagant pink dress

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The next night, Allison was in her suite with a young girl dressed in an extravagant pink dress. The girl's hair had been exquisitely prepared by the best of House Rose's personal servants, and her face had been done with the utmost expertise. Allison examined her own face in the mirror over the girl's shoulder. Her cheek had bruised where her father hit her but a generous deposit of maquillage had mostly concealed it. Allison thought the make-up made her look pale and pasty. Being so fake, I look like Cambria. Better than beat-up, I guess. She chewed back a well of hatred for her father.

Allison slid her hands around the girl's bodice and squeezed her breasts through her gown. Only fourteen and bigger than me. Allison had never been chesty and was usually glad for that, but every now and then, when she saw the immense power two bags of flesh could have over most men, she grew envious.

"You know what to do, Lilia?"

"Yes, my lady," said the girl. Her cotton skin was framed by flowing locks of coal-black hair. And more beautiful than me too. But this didn't bother Allison. She resented the girl's near-perfect looks, yes, but a lowborn beauty was still lowborn and always would be.

Allison brushed her fingertips down Lilia's neck to her shoulder. The girl closed her eyes and tilted her head. She's perfect . She even arouses me. Allison pressed her lips to the milky, unblemished skin of Lilia's neck and kissed slowly. Lilia issued a soft moan. Allison's hands moved slowly down the girl's elegant contours, caressing her breasts, her belly and hips, and finally slithering into her underclothes. Lilia reached over her shoulder and grasped Allison's hair.

Abruptly, Allison snatched her hands away and the girl went back to doing her make-up as if nothing had happened. And a perfect little faker too. Allison retrieved a five-white from her purse and pressed it into the girl's palm.

"On top of all other arrangements," Allison said. She kissed Lilia's mouth deeply and the girl was not shy to kiss back. Allison did not love women but she could never remember tasting anything so soft and sweet. She pulled away, grinning. "I know you will do your part perfectly."

"I've been playing this part for years," Lilia said, closing her fingers around the heavy coin and slipping it into her bodice. She smiled, exposing deep dimples on each cheek, and bid the princess goodnight.

Allison examined herself in the mirror again once the girl was gone. She fluffed her dark-brown hair. Compared to Lilia she looked positively plain. "Everything is in motion," she said out loud. Just like father wanted. 

Thinking about her father just renewed her anger. She didn't know why she'd help him pull off his little trick now. At first, when he'd decided to let her in on his and Mario's plan, she'd been thrilled to be a part of something secretive and important. Now, the idea of blowing it intentionally just to spite him was dangerously tempting. But if I disappoint him again he may just kill me like my mother.

No. This is my only chance to win back his trust. Even if she hated him, it was clear how much better it was on his side. I will do my part.

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