Deadly Nightshade

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It was the early hours of the morning and it was raining outside. I could hear them in the other room. They were fighting again. It wasn't unusual but this time it was going one step further. She was scared, we scared, and she wasn't the only one. I had my back against the wall and my hand on the door knob of my room. I was shaking. I slowly open the door and look into the hallway. Their door was closed. I slowly walk down the hallway not making any noise and go downstairs. I look into my mother's purse and take out the credit card, the bank card and the remains of her money out of her wallet. I shove it into my pocket, grab my coat and quietly step outside into the pouring rain. The thunder rolls and the lightning strikes. I touch my coat pockets. I had it, I'll be fine.

I run down the street that leads to the highway. All I could see were the transport lights that come and go. I walk down the highway to the other side of the bridge. I would have time to freeze to death before I got to the airport. I would have time to freeze to death by the time morning came. I see a taxi coming down the street. I stop it.

"Toronto..." I tell the driver.

I sit in front next to him and patiently stare out the window into the dark. He talks to me but I don't pay attention. My heart was beating faster, I couldn't breathe. I could feel my temperature rise. I was feeling restless and alone but I knew I could make it on my own. I bite my lip and try to calm myself. The airport there would be open. I could get far away from here before they would even notice that I was gone. I lay my head back on the seat and close my eyes. I could still feel myself shaking. The driver asks me what was going on. I didn't reply. Just drive, just drive.

"Airport." I tell him as we approach the city limits.

There had to be an ATM machine at the airport. I would never have enough money. The taxi didn't even come to a complete stop but I flew out the door. I left $200 and a note on the seat. You never saw me. You don't know anything. You were home on Friday. I wrote on the note I left the driver. I run inside the airport and go to the ATM machine that was only a few steps from the door. I withdraw $700 from the machine. It's all I could get. I then go see the lady at the counter.

"Outta here.." I tell her.

"The next flight is in 20 minutes." She tells me.

"I'll take it no matter what." I reply.

"You'll be the only one on the flight." She adds.

I pay for a one-way ticket to the first destination with the credit card. I sit alone in the waiting room, 20 minutes couldn't go by fast enough. I was stressed. I quickly bolt off the chair as soon as I saw the boarding signal come up on the screen. I sit in the 5th row of the small 37-passenger plane. I was all alone. The storm wasn't as bad here so the delay wasn't too long. I would be in Toronto in two hours but that still wasn't soon enough. I look outside as the storm was clearing and the sky was becoming of a dark navy blue. I still hadn't calmed down but I was safe now. It would be a while before they even figured out I was gone. I at least had until noon today. I would be long gone by then.

The plane touches down at some big airport. I get off and go inside the terminal. There were so many people here. I wouldn't be noticed. I didn't know anybody here. That was a good thing. I run into the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. I looked like hell. There were huge bags under my eyes and all my gothic makeup was smeared. I didn't care. I run to one of the many desks inside the terminal and wait for service. A plane landed at least every three seconds here. I knew from experience, I had been here a few times when things were better.

"Yonkers?" I ask the lady at the counter.

"New York City?" She asks.

"I'll take it." I reply.

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