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Jbitch: kuNpImOOk bHUWAkUl

Bambitch: ?

Jbitch: u liTTlE shiT

Markiepooh: what happened

Bambitch: I'm so confused rn

Jakiepooh; ^

Jbitch: tHIS HoE MADE YOuNGjAe wATCh pOrN

Markiepooh: i really shouldn't b laughing rn but sndjjsjrkfkskeodkaksjajajajahhaggaga

giant baby: how do u know it was Bambi

Jbitch: bc he just asked me "what is a anal?"

Jakiepooh: kakdjsjfjsjdjsjjaidyahdjdn

Jbitch: and I asked him where did he see that

Jbitch: and he told me that BAMBAM told him to search this weird page on google



bambitch: wait wat

jackiepooh: bITcH hA

markiepooh: served u rite hoe

Jbitch: istg im killing that piece of trash

giant baby: stop being mean w Bambi :(

Markiepooh: what r u gonna do abt it??

giant baby: >:'(

Bitchyoung: snfjkskeiekfjk

mynameisyoungjae: hiiiii

Jbitch: hi baby

markiepooh: this bsjfkskmsmd

Markiepooh: yo guys

Markiepooh: look what I made


Jackiepooh: aW

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Jackiepooh: aW

Bitchyoung: so that's what u were doing yesterday lol

Bitchyoung: lol i thought u were watching porn or smth

Markiepooh; wat

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