part two of truth or dare

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                          Tristan's POV

             I was coming back from my sisters all we did was Whatch movie when I got back to the hotel I was on the elevator when I got out I went to the room when I opened the door the boys were just staring at me "hey" I said "hey wher were you" Matt said "with my sister " "you have a sister" "yes Hayes " I said  and all the durian Cameron yells "let's play truth or dare " "okay" "can we go out on the beach" plz Nash said "shore" we all said

We got to the beach and sat in a sercoul "ok Matt your turn "cam said
"Tristan truth or dare "  dare" " I dare you to kiss nash" nashs face turned red "okay" I leaned in and kissed Nash on the lips I was more of a peck than a kiss but you know on the lip on lip "Nash I dare you to jump off the bridge" "I am not doing that " Nash said  "I will do it with you " I said. "Okay then thets go do it then " me and group walked to the bridge and me and Nash stod at the edge of the beige " ready on 3 1.2.3 "and we jumped and I was in the water Nash didnt do it I got out of the water and wint up to him and said "your a pussy" and they lahfted "can we go home know please and thank you " when we got home " what do y'all want for supper and I can cook it or order it " "hello" "is any one her "I said and at that moment that all jumped out and scared the fuck out of me "AAAAAAA" "oh my sweet baby Jesus " I said out of breath "you can cook automatic 5 right there " Nash said "sorry I didnt know I was a time table" I said kidda angry because he was rating me "and know am not cooking for you ,you find for your selves I am going to my sisters for a little by bitch" I said grabbing my keys "wait we can't cook" "order a pizza sorry not sorry" I said and left with out another word ....

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