Chapter 7

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I take my time to open the door. I open it to find Cameron, Nash and Hayes dripping on my front door step.
"Hey Sky!"
"Hey guys, come in" I say opening the door wider to let them file in.
"Can I take a shower?" Hayes asks batting his eyelashes, bringing his hands up to frame his face. I shove him lightly and nod
"Use the one in my room" I say as if he knows where my room actually is "Oh, it's the one on the top floor"
"The one on the top floor? You say that as if you have a whole floor to yourself"
"Maybe I do" I laugh and he begins to run up the stairs

"How long do you think it will take for him to realise there's no hot water?" Cameron laughs
"How did you-?"
"Taylor told me"
"Knowing Hayes, he won't test the temperature, he'll just get straight in" Nash speaks up, "He's an idiot"
"Cam do you wanna use Taylor's shower? I have a key" I say mischievously, he nods and picks up the key from the kitchen counter, heading out the door.

Nash and I make our way up to my room and sit on my bed facing each other.
"So Sky, how have you been?"
"Er good I guess"
"You guess?"
"I'm worried"
"About what?"
"Eh" I say, reluctant to tell him "People on twitter, school, Matt."
"I didn't think he'd come"
"Don't you want him here?"
"That's the thing" I shift on the bed "When he first got here I felt myself falling for him again"
"And now?"
"Since he opened his big mouth, I've remembered that he is a complete jackass"
"Yeah, that's just how he is" Nash stands up walking around my room, looking closely at all the little bits and bobs on the side "He feels bad"
"He should"
"But at least it wasn't all for nothing" Nash shrugs
"Didn't they tell you?" He spins on his heels to face me
"Tell me what?"
"Matt and Amy?" He says walking towards me.
"What about them?" I sit up straighter, intrigued and confused at the same time.
"They're together"

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