[ch.5] i think i'm in love

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"Hey, why aren't Dizznee, Tam, and Linh here?" Keefe asked suddenly. 

"Oh shoot! I'll call them right now and ask if they want to come over!" Sophie said, mentally slapping herself for FORGETTING her best friend.

She quickly pulled out her imparter and called them, and all of them said yes. 

They arrived shortly after, Tam and Linh looking beautiful as ever and Dex showing off that glorious best friend look of his. 

"What do you guys wanna do?" Lihn said, looking at Sophie and Fitz's intertwined hands. Sophie blushed as she noticed, but didn't pull away. 

"We just played truth or dare and revealed some interesting things." Keefe said, laughing. 

"Shut up, you're dating my sister!" Fitz said, narrowing his eyes. Keefe winked and wrapped an arm around Biana. 

"Excuse me?" Dex said, confused. 

"Yeah, so basically, um, Biana and Keefe are, like, I don't know, dating, and umm, Fitz and I are, uh, together?" Sophie said in that adorable embarrassed and awkward way of hers. 

"Whoa, all of that happened today?" Tam said. "Why haven't we played truth or dare before? We could've figured this out before!" 

Keefe, Biana, Fitz, and Sophie laughed. "Let's go eat mallowmelt!" Sophie said suddenly. 

"YES!" Keefe screamed, running down the halls of Havenfield. 

Everyone followed, and Sophie began to follow them, but she felt an arm grab her. Fitz pulled her to the side and pushed her against a wall. He kissed her passionately, and she kissed him back. They broke for air, panting. "Did you see their faces when we told them?" Fitz whispered into Sophie's ear. "I know, they couldn't believe it!" she said, laughing softly. He watched her beautiful face scrunch in laughter. "I think I'm in love." he said quietly, observing her.

Sophie stopped laughing and looked him in the eyes. "I think I'm in love, too." she said. 

"FITZYYY POOOO! WHERE ARE YOOUUUU??" they heard Keefe yell. "We better go" Fitz said. Sophie agreed and they held hands and walked to the kitchen. 

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