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"Good night, Seatle"
These were the last words, Harry shouted in the microphone. Then the 5 boys have left the stage. The concert was good. Everyone has given his best and they all have had alot of fun. At the moment it is half past ten and everyone is thinking of the next day. The following day was going to be tough. In the morning there is going to be some Interviews. In the noon, there would be the rehersales for the upcoming concert, wich was going to be in the evenig. So they will drive the whole night long to be in the next City.
That's the reason everyone was pretty off. They all just wanted to take a shower and head of to the tourbus. Sleep was what they wanted. Well, except for one. Niall wasn't in the mood for going to sleep.
The bandmembers were walking to the Backstage area. In their dressing rooms are showers which they could use. While they walked, Niall was bouncing up and down. Excitedly he told, way to loud (he almost yelled), how great the concert was. "Did you see the Signs. It was so creative!" he giggled about the funny ideas, that their fans had. "And the band smashed it. Like, have you ever seen such great guitarists!" while saying this, Niall played an invisible air guitar.
Liam ran over his temples in exasperation. He loved his little Nialler, like a brother, but he was annoying sometimes. Actually, he would never admit that. But it was pretty hard to listen to him when you are so f*cking tired.
Liam felt a headache that started to grow. It was cursed by Niall's screaming. And Liam only begged for rest and sleep. He also knew, Niall didn't do it on purpose. He was a bundle full of energy.
The Wolverhampton boy looked to the other bandmates and could see that they seemed exhausted. But non of them would dare to yell at the little irish one. They couldn't see an upset Niall. It would break their hearts.
When they finally arrived at their dressing room, they immedently started to hurrying up, so they could go to the tourbus as fast as possible.
After the relaxing shower, everyone took, the boys dressed their selves in to comfy sweatpants and sweaters. Then they went to the bus. In the front part of the bus, there was a little kitchen and also a bench and a table so they could eat. They all took a little snack from the fridge and set around the table. While he was eating a banana, Niall kept talking.
He was already planning what could happen at tomorrow's concert.
Louis looked at the phone clock. It was already close to midnight. He also knew that if Harry, Zayn and Liam did not soon get their well-deserved sleep, the day would start unpleasently tomorrow. He had a lot of energy, so getting out of bed in the morning was no problem unlike the three other boys. They loved sleeping. It was hard for them to get out of the bed in the morning, if they hadn't enough rest in the night. Niall and Louis were both two boys full of energy. They could easily weak up in the morning but the irish lad was always really moody when he was hubgry or sleepy. Then it was usual that he threw temper tantrums. (They once said it in an interview. But I couldn't find it anymore:/).

But just now it was not the case. They have finished to eat and then brushed their theeths. Suddenly Niall had the idea to practice his famous "Star Jump". On the couch. Giggling he jumped up and down. The fans needed to be entertained tomorrow. Someone had to show the blond boy clear boundaries now, otherwise he wouldn't go to sleep and be moody the whole next day. Louis smiled: "boys go to bed. I'll take care of it". Liam was rubbing his aching forehead again, relieved that it did not stick to him. He was "Daddy Direction" but now he was just not feeling able to take care of him without being angry at Niall. "Thx Lou" the three tired boys mumbled. Then Liam, Zayn and Harry left to lay down in their bunks.

"Hey Nially, come on it's time to sleep". Lou said it in a determined voice. He had enough little siblings to know how he could seem authoritarian. But Niall didn't seem to care."no!" he shouted and er and kept jumping up and down.
"Niall, it wasn't a question, you are going to bed now!", again the oldest tried to convince him.
Niall grinned cheekily into Louis' face and shook his head. Then he let himself fall on the couch and grabbed the remote to turn on the TV.
Louis could not help but groan over this behavior. He went to the TV and unplugged the plug. Niall exclaimed indignantly "ey!". Then Lou went to the coach and threw the younger one over his shoulder. Ni wasn't much smaller, but he was light and with the right technique he could carry him without any problems.
The doncaster lad wanderd with the younger boy in the front part of the bus. "do you want a tea or warm milk before sleep time?", in the hope that the bundle of energy would calm down.
"warm milk, please!" Niall shouted exitedly.
Louis set him down so he had both hands free for making the tea.
Niall settled down on the bench where they usually would eat their meals. Paitently he waited for his milk to be ready.
Louis sat down next to Niall holding a cup in his hand. Then he passed the warm liquid to the younger boy. He smiled, as he watched the irish lad who has been drinking the milk. Lou watched him as Niall greedily sipped the tea. Again and again he set the cup to down to yawn tiredly.
After the cup was empty, the blonde boy rubbed his eyes tiredly."let's go it's time to sleep" grinned the older one as he saw the cute gestures Niall did. He reached for the blond's hand and led him to his bunk. Niall layed down without complaining. Tiredly he whimpered. "Lou?" He had already turned around to get into his own bed."yes?" While he was answering, he turned around again to face the younger lad. "cuddle?". Louis couldn't else but coo about the cuteness of the younger one. Immediately he laid right next to the innocent-looking boy and stroked his cheek.

"good night, my special snowflake"

So this was the first chapter. :) I hope u liked it. If u can find some grammar mistakes, please tell me.

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