Part 141*

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Shravan and Pushkar followed Tanya to the back of the cafe where are of the computers were located, both of them eager to see watch was in the footage. They both understood that this evidence would be a crucial part of the case, helping them not only win, but get rid of Aditya for good. 

Tanya: Ok guys, sit down and I'll play the footage. Tell me if you see anything. 

Shravan and Pushkar sat down by Tanya, their eyes focused on the computer screen in front of them. Tanya pressed play and their eyes started to hunt down Varma.

Pushkar: Wait! Wait! Wait!

Shravan: What happened Pushkar?! Did you see anything?!

Pushkar: Tanya, reverse a little.

Tanya: Give me one second. (reversing the video) 

Pushkar: (pointing) Right there!! That's Varma!

And Pushkar was right, under the streetlamp, in the middle of the night, there was a figure that looked exactly like Varma, crossing the road, and walking towards PCT. 

Shravan: There's thats bast*rd!

Tanya: What's in his hands??

Tanya noticed that Varma was carrying a big bag in his hands. From the looks of it, it was heavy. 

Pushkar: Can you zoom in by any chance?

Tanya: Yeah I can. Let's try zooming in on the bag. Maybe you guys can get some clues from that. (zooming in on Varma's hands)  

Pushkar: Nirja's Groceries. What's that?

Tanya: Pushkar, that's a grocery shop on Karali Street. It's about 10 minutes from here.

Shravan: But what was Varma doing with those bags in his hands?

Pushkar: Maybe it's some form of evidence!

Shravan: You're right! We have to find out what is in those bags!

Tanya: Wait guys. If you notice, Varma goes through this street with the bags in his hands but when he is coming back, he doesn't have them anymore!

Pushkar: Exactly! So whatever was in those bags was left at PCT!

Tanya: If that's the case then it probably burned down in the fire!

Pushkar: That Verma is very smart! He destroyed all of the evidence in the fire!

Tanya: But you guys still have this video!

Pushkar: Tanya, a video of Varma walking on the same street as PCT doesn't prove anything! We need concrete evidence!

Shravan: (smirking) There's one way to find out what was in those bags!

Tanya: How???

shravan: Where did you say this shop was?

Tanya: Karali Street.

Shravan: Perfect! Pushkar, lets go to this Nirja's Goceries and find out what Varma bought from there.

Pushkar: You're right! Maybe we can find something that can help us with the case.

Tanya: Should I make a copy of this and send it to you guys?

Shravan: Yeah Tanya! That would be very helpful of you.

Tanya: Ok Shravan. As soon as I have the copy, I'll send it over to SUMshra.

Pushkar: Great! Bhaiya should we go?

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