Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

It's around ten o' clock in the morning when I'm finished packing my suitcase and I open the door and walk out of the guest bedroom, dragging it behind me. I can hear voices coming from downstairs and I already know its Daniel, Fabian, and Selena saying their goodbyes. A twinge of guilt pricks at me when I think about having to make Daniel leave his friends but then I remember what happened last night and my feelings immediately change.

"Hey, Nora!" Selena greets me as I enter the kitchen.

All three of them are standing around the island eating cereal.

"Hi," I say brightly, even though my mood is the exact opposite.

"Want some breakfast before you go?" Fabian asks, pushing a box of Fruit Loops across the counter towards me.

"Sure thanks," I reply, realizing that it would be totally rude to refuse.

I can tell that Daniel's eyes are on me but I deliberately ignore him as I pick out a bowl from one of the cupboards and pour the cereal and milk into it.

"You got plenty of gas for the drive back right?" Selena asks Daniel.

"Yep," he nods, clearing his throat and looking at me again.

The only thought that is running through my mind right now is, just ignore him, just ignore him, just ignore him. But it's hard, and I absolutely hate being mad at him. Why did he have to kiss Alicia? Things would be so much better between us if I hadn't walked in that room last night. Or maybe it wouldn't be. After all, I would have then had no idea that he and Alicia kissed or possibly do more than that the night before. Or the fact that they had already hooked up twice before we met. I honestly couldn't even think about it anymore because I was starting to lose my appetite and I knew I'd need at least a bowl of cereal before we hit the road. It's not like I would ask Daniel to make any stops on the way back because all I wanted was to get home and forget that this whole trip had ever happened. Why stall the drive anymore by going to get something to eat? We would most likely eat in silence anyway just like it would be when we're driving in the car.

For a few minutes I just listen to Selena and Fabian talk about Selena having to get her license while Daniel and I sit in complete silence. Once I'm finished with my cereal, I go over to the sink and set the bowl in it and then grab myself some orange juice. Finally, Selena and Fabian end their little argument and they both turn to look at me.

"Want anything else?" Fabian asks.

"I'm ok actually," I reply, giving him a weak smile. "I think we should just get going now."

I see Selena's face fall and I instantly feel bad, after all, Selena was definitely my favorite friend of Daniel's. Ever since I got here she had been nothing but nice to me and has tried to include me in everything that's been going on. I suddenly wish I had a friend like her back home.

"Alright, we can go outside then," she says, lightly nudging Fabian, signaling for him to lead the way.

The four of us step outside and walk across the vibrantly green front lawn towards Daniel's car parked at the curb. Sadly, today is even more beautiful than it was yesterday and the cool, refreshing breeze lightly touches my hair.

Daniel holds out his hand to me so he can take my suitcase and I hand it to him. He opens the trunk of his car and slides it in along with his smaller suitcase before slamming it closed. Fabian goes over to where Daniel is standing and both of them say their goodbyes. Meanwhile, Selena turns to me and gives me one of her tight hugs. When she releases me she says, "I'm gonna miss you, Nora."

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