Chapter 14

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The practice match against Aoba Josai soon rolled by, Emiko accompanying the team to the match. She sat in the bus that was taking them there, sitting at the front, talking to Daichi and Sugawara, her crutches next to her. The three were laughing at random things as they pulled up in the car park of Seijo.

"Yama-chan, you know most of the guys on the seijo volleyball team, right?" Suga asked Emiko, making her nod and smile. She found the nickname he gave her so cute. Yama-chan. It had a nice ring to it.

"Yeah, i should know most of them, they were either my underclassmen, my upperclassmen or in the same year as me."

"Is there anyone we need to look out for?" Daichi asked, not wanting to have any unwanted surprises.

"Well, Aoba Josai is known for having strong serves. And they have pretty tall players mostly, if i remember correctly, their ace was my senpai at Kitaiichi, he's pretty good." Emiko's mind went to Seijo's captain, thinking if he was going to play, considering she heard he was injured from a friend of hers. The two third years nodded, hoping that the information they attained would be of some use. 

When they arrived, Emiko waited for everyone else to get of before she attempted getting out of the bus, not wanting to hold everyone up in the bus by hobbling slowly to the door with her crutches. Emiko watched as the team looked around at the school, amazed at how much bigger it was then Karasuno, although it had nothing on Shiratorizawa. From the year she spent at Shiratorizawa, she knew the layout of most school that had a good enough volleyball team to even slightly compete with Shiratorizawa. One of those was Aoba Josai.

"We should get to the gym so you guys can warm up, we don't want to keep Seijo waiting." Emiko told them as the team nodded, making their way to the gym with Emiko's directions. Even though she definitely knew where the girls gym was at Aoba, she wasn't to sure where the guys trained, although she had a vague idea. She stopped for a second, taking in her surroundings, wanting to make sure she was going in the right direction. Without noticing, she was left behind. Her head spun around, searching for everyone. "Shit." she said, a bit to loudly and went in search of the gym, hoping she would be reunited with the others then. As she entered the gym, she saw her companions, the Karasuno male volleyball team.

"Emiko, where did you go?" Tobio asked his second year sister.

"Huh?" She asked narrowing her eyebrows at the stupid question. Did her own brother not realize that they left her behind? "Are you serious? How could you not notice that you left your sister behind? Tobio dumbass!" She lightly hit him on his leg with her crutch, still having some common sense. The impact made the first year setter groan quietly.

"Now that was uncalled for Nee-chan." He grumbled, taking a step back in case she would do it again.

"Uncalled for?" She said, her lower lip sticking out slightly as she narrowed her eyebrows. "How was that uncalled for? You left me and then denied it." Emiko looked around for a few seconds, realizing  that they would be starting their practice match soon. "Tobio dumbass, go warm up." He nodded and ran off towards the rest of his team as she hobbled over to the bench where Takeda-sensei was sat with Kiyoko. Sitting down, the two looked at her before nodding.

"Kageyama-chan, you know more about volleyball then me, would you mind helping out a bit until i find a coach for them?" Takeda asked, looking expectantly at the second year transfer. 

"Ahh, yes sensei." Emiko rushed out, not thinking Takeda-sensei would ask her that. The practice match soon started, most of the players were calm, well all but one, Hinata. The short middle blocker fumbled around, bumping into people, trying to be useful on court but failing miserably. All his efforts achieved were that Aoba Josai gained extra points. "Sensei, do you think we should swap Hinata out? I'm sure maybe Narita could go in for the rest of the set." She asked Takeda, not sure whether to do what she was planning. If they wanted to win, they couldn't have Hinata running around like a headless chicken, they needed him up and running, but it was a practice match. He could figure out a way to calm down since it wasn't official, and that would help later when they play in the tournaments.

"Kageyama-chan, i don't know anything about volleyball, i won't be much help with these types of decisions." Takeda replied, smiling sheepishly. In all honesty, he was glad the the second year was Kageyama Tobio's sibling, after all, he would have failed miserably if she didn't help him with some of the more technical decisions, such as when to call for a time out in matches. She had been helping him learn the rules slowly, one by one, but surely. 

Emiko's blue eyes averted to the score, making them widen at what she saw. Aoba Josai was at set point. They would take the set unless a miracle happened. Her head spun to see who was serving. It was Karasuno, but it was Hinata's turn to serve. Time seemed to stop as she thought of all the possibilities she had. She could use a pinch server, Sugawara-san would be able to do that, and she was sure he'd like to play a bit, even if it was only because he was helping out in a pinch. It was to late to do anything as the whistle blew and Hinata threw the ball up out of shock. He had not option but to hit it. The ball flew forward as his hand connected with the ball.

"Oh shit," Emiko breathed out, the ball didn't go over the net, far from it actually. It had hit her brothers head, making the whole gym go silent, especially Hinata.

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