#25: Sebastian Vettel

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#25:"You gonna have to tell them sooner or later, you do realise that?"


"Seb shh, did you hear that?" You whisper this time but Seb doesn't stop the hands game in you body. "Baby, oh God! Stop!" He sighs and for a moment he stops. "Did you hear that?" I ask and he nods.

"Yes, it's my desire speaking for myself. Now can you please let me love you?" He says serious but you shake your head.

"Im serious Sebastian! I think someone is Knockin on the door." You try to push his heavier body away from you but it's useless. His strong body was huge compared to your small one. And to be honest you didn't want him to stop the kisses trail and all that unknown stuff he was doing with his hands. He was good with them, very good.

Then again, the knock on the door.

"See? I heard it again. I have to answer. It might be something important." You try to leave his embrace, but it's useless.

"What is more important than a make out session with your hot boyfriend, YN?" He asks gazing down your, his blue eyes were so mesmerising even when he was annoyed.

"Sebastian, you know what I mean."

"No I don't!" You roll your eyes when he catches your lips in a fast kiss. "And I seriously don't wanna know."

"Please this is serious. I turned all my phones off, my laptop is off, I'm gone for almost 2 days now with the sickness allegation. Someone will come here to check on me, and if I don't go, they're probably going to call the cops or something. Please."

"You know this is somehow all your fault." He brushes your hair with his hand. "You're the one who don't want to tell your Friends nor family about our relationship. And I still don't understand why."

"Baby, please. We already had this conversation." You shake your head and he mirrors you.

"Yes, we're having this conversation since this relationship started what? 3 years ago right? I have a pretty good memory you don't need to remind me that." he answers crossings his arms frowning at you.

"Seb." You sigh. "Using sarcasm with me isn't going to help that much. You know my reasons very well and you agreed with me." He pushed himself from you and sat down on the bed. "I'm just going to see who this is, so please be quite here. Please Seb." He don't answer clearly was annoyed with this situation but it wasn't easier to you. You brush your hair with your fingers just to make it look presentable. You grabbed the first jacket you saw on your way downstairs just making sure you looked a little bit ehm sick still? Yeah that sounded good.

"YN, hey OMG  we were so worried. You don't pick up your phone, you don't answer your emails, we were really worried, everyone was." You eyes go wide when you open the door and see two of your greatest friends and also co-workers there. "Darling how are you?" You clear your throat when they get into the house without being invited. In a situation where you were home alone it wouldn't bother you, but this time...

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