Study Session [Karma Akabane]

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"I'm so tired," Karma groaned.

"Of course you would be, it was your fault interrupting class. At least you got to teach the claㅡ" you smiled.

"Please don't remind me about it."

"You ready?" you grabbed your back and headed out of the class.

"I'm always ready babe, just call me whenever you need me," Karma winked.

"Let's go period head!"

"Why~" the male whined.


Karma couldn't argue with you, he wanted to go to your house and he didn't want to be uninvited, if that was even possible. Walking next to him you soon arrived at your apartment, grabbing your keys out you unlocked in.

"Where's your parents?"

You shrugged, giving him a casual response and dumped your school bag in a corner of the room before taking of your shoes and putting them on the rack. Karma did the same but he was more rough with his belongings.

"Hah! That's why you can't complain when your things break easily."



Yea, you were a very immature couple. You argued a lot but also got along well. Sometimes the class has to witness your useless fights but they thought it was very entertaining. You walked towards your room and gestured him to sit in the spare seat you had prepared.

"Okay, I will teach you English."

"I'm so bored,  is there a prize if I win this?" Karma gave his infamous smile.

"No, I'll just praise you!" you replied not getting the hint.

You continued to tap on your phone, playing games while Karma was struggling to translate the Japanese words to English which you found assuming.

You felt a pair of hands snake around your waist, his hot breath was tickling your ear, "If do it all correct then can I do anything."

"Maybe," you smirked back. The somehow motivated the red head and in five minutes he was finished with a smug look on his face, you wanted to wipe it off with an eraser the ones with, "For very big mistakes."

You checked the paper slowly, making your boyfriend very impatient and annoyed.

"Congrats... you got 99% ahahaaahahaha LOSER you got one wrong." you gave him a one eyed smile, poking your tongue out and to complete the look, your right hand was above your fore head in the L shape, pointing towards him.

"But because I'm a nice person and I love you, I'll give you this." you smiled, you leaned in and kissed the bridge of his nose, leaving him stunned.

Pulling you forward, the male kissed you on the lips, catching you off guard. You tried to pull away from his grasp but he was too strong. You left your lips shut not wanting him to stick his tongue in.

"mmph..." you groaned.

"Hold it," this went for a minute, coming back to your senses you pulled him away, touching your lips, the area he had kissed.

 "Karma can I just say we're going to have a 'Study Session' not 'Make out Session.' Okay?"  

"Oh damn..." the male whined.

"ARE YOU PERHAPSㅡ" you wiggled and eye brow as you teased him.

"SHUT IT (Y/N) DON'T SAY IT?" the male was blushing he was red., covering his face with his hands.

"Ok," you said in a monotone voice,"Let's do more questions."

"D-Don't okay me, like you okay the teacher."

"Do you want to stay at my house or not?" you threatened.


The male obliged and did the questions you ask, at least he got a little bit of his prize but he was still pissed at you.



"I-It hurtsㅡ" you screamed, as you hit his back with your right arm.

"I'm sorry, I can't pull it outㅡ"

"Is this your first time?"

"Yea.." you mumbled.

"(y/n) you're bleeding!" Karma gasped.


"Don't worry the pain will leave soon."


"Ouch (y/n)ㅡ" Karma rubbed your left arm that was a little swollen.

"I got stung, it's your fault!" you wailed.



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