Chapter II- Talking To Sci

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Killer's P.O.V

I see Dream carry Outer bridal style. Why does that make me upset? What's this feeling in my soul? They made him fall asleep. They're basically kidnapping Outer. Weird shit right here. "Are we going to attack?" I asked Nightmare. "No, lets just leave, if the don't start the fight then they're harmless"(Changing Nightmare's font because it can get pretty confusing) Nightmare said. I nodded as they carried Outer through a portal. Why do I feel this pang in my soul?

I'm guessing they're carrying him to their base. Welp, time to leave then. We all snapped our fingers and teleported back to Nightmare's castle......


Outer's P.O.V

I woke up in a bed. "Huh?" I said with a questioning tone. "Oh! You're awake!" I heard a cheery tone. I turned my head to the direction of the voice. "Dream?" I said with the same questioning tone. He smiled brightly at me. "Yup! Good to see you awake and okay!" Dream said. "Where am I?" I asked. "Well, you're in the Star Sanses Base! Other Sanses are here too, well, the ones whose AU was destroyed!" Dream said. "Like Geno!" Dream said a random name.

"Come! The others are waiting!" Dream called as he walked out the door. I followed after getting out of bed. When I went out I was pretty surprised on how many Sanses were here. The first one I see is Sci. I walked over to him. "Hey Sci" I greeted calmly. "Oh, hello Outer" he greeted with a polite smile. "Are you always here?" I asked. "Yeah, my AU was destroyed before yours, sorry for not calling you" Sci said rubbing the back of his skull. "No biggie" I said.

"So your AU was destroyed, was Error there?" Sci asked. "Nah, he likes my AU, says that its pretty calming, good friends though" I said with a smile. "Wait wait wait, he likes your AU?!" Sci said in mere shock. "Yeah" I said with the same smile. Sci dropped his clipboard and grabbed my shoulders. "AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME THIS?!" Sci exclaimed. "Woah geez! Get a grip on yourself Sci!" I said surprised. "YOUR AU MUST HAVE SOMETHING THAT ERROR LIKES!!!" Sci exclaimed. By now everyone was looking at us in bewilderment. "Sci! Calm down!" I said as he shook my shoulders.

I'm getting dizzy right now. "WHAT DOES HE LIKE IN YOUR AU?!" He exclaimed. I couldn't take it anymore. "STARS! HE LIKES THE STARS!!" I yelled out before falling on the floor. "Oh, ehehe, um, whoops" Sci said as I ran to the bathroom and threw up.......

Timeskip for 5 minutes~

I went back out. "You crazy or what?!" I asked. "Sorry! I was really surprised!" Sci said with his hands up in a surrending way. "I can't believe you! You shook me violently just because you were surprised?!" I exclaimed. He laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. I took a deep breath and calmed myself. "Okay, I'm fine now" I said calmly. Sci smiled.

"Okay! Let the meeting commence!" Ink said....

Timeskip after the meeting~

So we basically discussed on how to stop them. I can't get Killer out of my mind though. Better go back to my room. Yeah, things will get better after calming myself even more after that fiasco. Heh..........

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