Lily's room

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* After the meeting is finished. Gregory decides to take a stroll around the sanctuary. He walks to where the bedrooms are located. Gregory sees Negan's room and right across the hall there it is. Her room.  Gregory walks into Lily's room and can smell her in every inch of the bedroom. He walks around and goes to the dresser and finds the Underwear drawer. He takes out a dirty panty and sniffs it. He hears someone coming so he shoves it into his pocket and leaves. *

* Lily is about to walk into her room and she sees Gregory walking out * um what were you doing in my room?

* Gregory turns around * Lily! Hi sorry * nervous laughter * I got lost I was looking for the exit. Sorry to bother you. * he quickly walks past her*

* Lily watches as he leaves * Fucking weirdo * goes to her room*.

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