the fight at magcon

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                Nash POV

      Today me and the boys have are magcon convinton and I dont think Tristan is coming with use "hey guys I am not comin with all to magcon"Tristan said  well that is my answer ...... We are at mag con and it is Cloe's to the end so ya.... We have 100 people here

                       Tristan POV

      I was sitting on the bed when Alexis texted me

A-hey have something to tell you about Clair

T-what is it?

A-she is at the mag con con in to in and your boyfriend just told me that they slept to get her I am so sorry


       And at that point I was putting on my shoes and was walking out the door ... I pould up to the mag con convention and saw Clair giving them a hug and I saw Nash looking at me when I seemed "dont fuck hug her slut ass bitch" I was saying this with tears running out of my eyes she looked back at me and I started running when I got to her I pinned her up aginted the wall " what are you doing Tristan pout me down " and thats when I started to hit her and I stopped and said "CLAIR DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT SLEEP WITH MY BOYFRIEND" she looked me straint in the eye and said "yes " I point her down and started to run to my car and I hared her scram "STOP PLEASE IT WAS AN AKSDITE TRISTAN PLEASE" ... When I got home I just started to cry and I couldn't hold it back and I called Jessie

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