"Because being a third wheel is so much fun," My anger raises to the surface and I notice Lachlan take a step back. "I am sick of you putting me down like I'm nothing, it hurts. I hate it. You need to stop acting like a cave man."

Rhys fake laughs. "A caveman? Really, that isn't me being a caveman."

"Oh, it isn't? I'd like to see how you define caveman."

The sneer was unintentional and I inhale sharply when I realize how hot headed I'm acting. He isn't the main cause of my anger, he's just making it worse as once again I'm treated like a fragile vase. Rhys glances to Lachlan and a smug smirk comes across his lips when his eyes fall on me again.


I furrow my eyebrows and before I know it he's hauling me up over his shoulder. Lachlan let's out a laugh while I groan at the wind being knocked out of me. Rhys' arm is locked around my knees and his hand is holding my back to keep me bent over his shoulder.

"Rhys! Put me down now!"

I scream when he jolts me up and I land back on his shoulder. Blood rushes to my head and I can barely see the concrete below through my hair. I wriggle on his shoulder until I remember that I could very easily fall to the ground.

"No you challenged me to show you what a a caveman is so I am," He pivots and starts walking, sending his shoulder to dig up into my stomach. "I tried to go nicely about this but you wouldn't listen so you're staying here, Nate! Come open the door!"

Rhys stops out the front and kicks it twice despite yelling for his brother. I grab the back of his jacket in a childish attempt to annoy him but he pinches my side. Jolting I try to use my core muscles to lean back and somehow I enough to glare at him.

"This is wrong on so many levels."

"I'm trying to protect you from yourself. Stop being stubborn and stay where you're safe."

"What did you - is that Kira?"

I try to lift myself up using Rhys' shoulder and manage to turn my body slightly. "Tell your brother to stop treating me like glass."

My arms give out and I'm back to slouching over his back with a huff. Stupid masculine men. Eventually I see the concrete fade with carpet and I know Nate let us inside. Reaching down I smack his ass only to be thrown down onto the lounge.

I feel my head collide with a people before my legs are forced open with Rhys sliding between them. He hovers over the top of me and I notice the rage dwindled in his bright greens. Smiling softly he leans down and gently kisses my cheek.

"You're sick Kira and I don't think you should come anyways," He whispers, one of his arms above my head drops down to stroke my cheek. "Stay here, relax and when I get back we'll watch a movie until you fall asleep. Okay?"

His mood changes completely and I feel the weight on my chest get heavier. I might never see him again. The possibility of moving away from having moments like this sends a spike of sadness and fear through me. I nod and wrap my arms around his neck.

"Please be safe, Rhys. I need you to come back to me."

"Of course I will," He pecks the corner of my mouth and sighs. "Take it easy, get Nate to be your slave."

"I resent that. I'll be upstairs because I don't want to watch this despite you being my OTP."

Nate's footsteps rush upstairs and I run my fingers through Rhys' hair. "I'd kiss you but I don't want you getting sick."

"Screw it."

He captures my lips regardless of my warning in a searing hot kiss. Leaning up into it I resist the urge to wrap my legs around him because god knows where that will lead. Rhys is amazing and perfect, he's everything I want.

A moment later he pulls away and I hum in contentment. "I mean it Rhys, be safe and don't do anything reckless."

"I won't, see you soon."

Rhys pulls himself away and instantly I miss the warmth. My eyes close and I listen to the sound of them talking until a car pulls away. I have no idea how I'm going to tell Rhys about what's happening, he'll freak out at the thought I could be leaving.

I hear footsteps on the stairs and I reluctantly open my eyes knowing that I can't lounge around. Sitting up I go to speak until I witness the horrifying sight before me. Nate struggles against the arm crushing his windpipe but despite that he isn't fearful of the gun pressed to his temple.

"Now that he's gone, the fun can begin."

Exciting news! This story will be finished in the next week, the epilogue will be published next Monday with updates coming this week sporadically

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Exciting news! This story will be finished in the next week, the epilogue will be published next Monday with updates coming this week sporadically.

That being said I'll be skim reading the story to fix some errors because I've realized some things have been completely over looked/missed.

A lot happened in this chapter, you've got to have thoughts??

Question; who do you think it is?

Thoughts? Feelings? Predictions?

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