Chapter 10- The Truth

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Lydia's POV
I didn't speak to my brother basically until Thursday night when Piper and Brandon asked to see me do we could go over the notes in class. My brother decided to keep me home until I get my strength back and the doctor said to keep me home for at least a week so I'll be back on Monday.

I was nervous to see them after my breakdown at the party, but I was even more nervous to tell them the whole story.

"Lydia! Your friends are coming upstairs!" Stefano shouts, I had about five seconds to clean my room. I still felt weak from the other day so I just shoved everything under my covers and sat down as they opened the door. "Hey Lydia, how are you feeling?" Piper asks with a smile on her face, I smile back.

"Well, I still feel weak but I'm starting to gain my strength back slowly. How was school today?" I question, Piper's smile fades to a frown as she pulls Brandon in my room. He had a black eye and a busted lip. "What the hell happened?!" I ask worriedly, he chuckles and scratches the back of his head which knowing Brandon is an indication that he's nervous.

"My idiot brother started a fight with Nathan. Nate got him pretty good as you can see-"

"I did it for you. If he hadn't been at the party then you wouldn't have drank anything and you would be okay. It's his fault, I wanted to make sure he paid for it." I roll my eyes at Brandon's attempt at being nice.

"Thanks for sticking up for me, but I don't need you to do that. I can protect myself-"

"Like you protected yourself at the party?" I glare at him and shake my head. "That's not fair-"

"No, what's not fair is lying to everyone about why you're really here. What's not fair is that you accepted a drink from a random guy who laced his shit with drugs. What's not fair is that I thought I was going to lose you and that would crush me Lydia." I could see the pain in his eyes, I went up and gave him a big hug and them I kissed him on the cheek and smiled.

"You're not going to lose me. I'm right here, I'm sorry I scared you. You saved my life, now I'll owe you." At this point he was smiling like an idiot while Piper was standing there looking grossed out.

"Lydia, we won't leave you no matter what it is you have to tell us." Piper said with a smile, I sigh. "I'm not sure you'll say that once I actually tell you what happened that night." I gestured for them to sit down, this was it. I finally can get it off my chest. Let's just hope they don't think I am a psycho when I'm finished.

"Growing up, my mother raised us and my father worked to bring the money home. We were a loving family up until my father lost his job, that's when he started drinking. And with the drinking came violence...He would always hit us and lock us up if we disobeyed him. Sometimes he would throw us down the basement stairs and leave us in the dark without food or water for days. When I was 12, we found out that dad owed some bad men money, but he had just gotten fired so obviously he couldn't give it to him. Once my older sister Rose found out, she told me she was leaving but she would be back to get us. We never heard from her again, that was until that night."

I took a deep breath before continuing. "That night was a night I will never forget. My brother and I were outside in the backyard playing football when we heard a loud scream. Automatically I ran inside because my 12 year old mind wanted to know what happened. I ran inside and saw my father coming down from the attic with blood all over him. I asked him what was wrong but he replied with nothing. Then I asked where my mom was and he freaked, I went running for the attic but was thrown back on the floor by my father. My brother obviously came to my rescue but that was what made my father freak out even more. He wouldn't let us go, he took me by the back of my shirt and pulled me up the stairs. My brother was screaming at him to put me down until we finally reached the attic, my father threw me to the floor where I was face to face our mother's dead body bleeding out and our sister with a bullet wound to the head."

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